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Full Version: Fault Code P0490
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Mk4 Mondeo 2.2l TDCi Tit X 2008
Out of the blue my motor is losing boost and garage came up with fault P0490 EGR Control Circuit High and suggested I need a new EGR valve, my handheld tester comes up with P0131 O2 Sensor Low Bank 1 Sensor 1 and P0299 Turbo under boost. When these codes were reset I drove for about 10 miles then same fault - no boost and won't rev over 3k, stop and switch off and all ok for another 10 os so miles, This has only happened since it was serviced (at dealers) and new brake dics and pads fitted other than this nothing has been touched. Any ideas??
i would start by checking all the rubber boost and intercooler hoses for signs of a split or damage, the egr can be removed and cleaned, did they replace the fuel filter when they serviced it?
Thanks for the reply. Just did a 40 mile round trip and it lost boost after about 10+ miles, turned engine off and restarted with no further probs(fingers crossed). The service did not include a fuel filter change so that may be first option, also EGR clean, had similar problems with fuel filter on my old Mk3 which affected turbo boost. Will also check piepwork although I don't think it's that.
I would definitely look to the fuel filter.

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