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Full Version: 1.8 Tdci Revs - Does This Sound Right?
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Hi, I am new to having a diesel car, is this normal...
I am finding that if I gently push down my gas pedal, my revs go up slowly - as expected :rolleyes: .
However, if I then ease back off of the gas in the same way I put it on, the revs just drop right down, they do not gradually drop. Seems very abrupt.
Here is a video I took:

It makes driving in first very jerky in slow moving traffic jams. It might just be what diesels are like and I am not used to it.
Any thoughts would be good :)
Looks and sounds normal to me mate, nothing to worry about :-)
looks fine to me
Diesels are a tad jerky in first.
Trick is to ease your foot off the clutch and allow the first gear to take up the slack and the car will crawl along at walking pace with no pedal input at all.
another thing, stop driving like miss daisy..only jokin! ou'll get used to driving diesels soon enough mate.
lol thanks for all of your posts! Glad there is nothing wrong. I have always had petrols, and it does take a little getting used to with a diesel. But the difference in acceleration when the turbo comes in to action is amazing, never experienced such powerful acceleration - shows how many fast cars I must have driven if I find a focus fast hehe
Get it remapped once your use to it, and it'll feel like a new car again, you'll notice the difference again then :D
[quote name='Mike77' timestamp='1354230600' post='219033']
Get it remapped once your use to it, and it'll feel like a new car again, you'll notice the difference again then :D

Never thought of doing that, but only just recently bought the car used from Ford. Don't think they would be too impressed if I got it remapped at the moment as it is under a 3 year warranty.
If you go for a superchips bluefin system you'll be fine, the beauty of it is that you can put the map on and off whenever you like.

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