Evening all. First post on this forum, have been reading for a while mind. I have a Mk2 Fiesta Olympus Sport which I'm completely in love with... However with my work I do alot of travelling and I don't want to run the poor thing into the ground so considering selling. I imagine theres alot of people wanting to get cars valued on here and I know it's pretty difficult as it depends on the right buyer coming along at the right time etc... But I thought I'd get your thoughts on how much I could get, ball park figure. And willing to listen to offers if anyone's interested.

Had the MOT today and unfortunately it failed but I'm getting the work done next week, only a new tyre, some tweaks to the brakes and some welding on the floor. Also had about £400 worth of welding done this time last year under the bodykit but other than that, its pretty solid. Some rusting around the arches but nothing that can't be sorted by someone who has a bit of time! 106,000 miles on the clock, only one lady owner before me. Also had other bits of work done that I need to check on, new brake shoes about a year ago for one thing. In good nick inside too. I do have the original wheels and radio also.