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Full Version: Fusion - 6000 Cd Needs Code All The Time
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Can anybody help me?

My CD 6000 asks for the code every time I get into the car. Its starting to get a bit annoying.
It does keep the code for a little while after turning the car off. I think when the display turns off after leaving the car locked for a while is when it goes.

Nothing else seems to be effected, the only other fault i have is that the fuse for the 12v power socket / cigarette lighter has blown. But the radio was fine when the lighter stopped working initially.

Thanks in advance

There is a fuse for the memory saver in your internal fuse board too.
The radio has a permanent live feed for clock, station memory and code.
Thanks Stoney871, I don't think that that is the problem.

I don't lose anything else other than the code, time / station memory is ok and persists. I have checked both fused marked 'Radio' one is 3A which i assume is the permanent live, but it is fine.

Could it be internal to the radio?
The permanent live on these radios comes from the higher rated fuse F18 (15A).
Seeing as the radio works its a little curious, it could be a high resistance in the connector to the radio or even the fuse itself.
Try replacing the fuse and if that fails try reseating the connector on the back of the radio before going for a new unit.

The 3A fuse is the switched supply from the ignition. Older radios used the lower rated permanent live feed for memory and security but the new radios which have the facility to turn on for 1 hour without the ignition on use higher rated permanent live.

No power to the accessory socket appears unrelated but it could indicate something like trapped wiring and sometimes sorting out unrelated stuff you can find and fix other problems. First point to check for the accessory socket is to see if you've dropped a coin or something metal into it.

Good luck.

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