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Full Version: Front Discs And Pads
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how east it to change front discs and pads on the front? any special tools req? or is it a garage jobby? :unsure:
very easy just need 13 and 12 mill spanner for calliper guide bolts copper ease grease.17 mill socket for calliper to knuckle bolts flat blade screw driver to push back the pads into caliper and about 45mins to do the front both sides no need to undo any brake pipes regards pete
[size=5][sup]I would use some threadlock on the carrier bolts. You don't want those coming undone.[/sup][/size]
Yup, very easy to do indeed!

Careful not to twist your brake line by accidentally spinning the caliper round while working, MOT failure if spotted!
Ideally you'll want a torque wrench to torque the slider bolts up correctly to 30Nm. They are very useful things to have lying around the garage. I have 3!

Also, I've just done the rears on mine and don't know about the fronts, but the rear calipers need to be wound back in, not the push-in type. The n/s wind in clockwise, and the o/s wind in anti-clockwise. If there are two notches in the caliper face, then its a wind-in type. You can buy special tools but beware as some only wind in a clockwise direction. I used an angle grinder spanner (for changing grinder discs) with no more than thumb pressure and didn't have any problems (other than winding it the wrong way at first!).
:) thank you every1, looks like im gonna get cold out there doing it at the w/end just got to get the discs and pads and we're off,

cheers guys
A G-Clamp and the old pad to push back the piston
[quote name='kmukz83' timestamp='1358197246' post='226817']
A G-Clamp and the old pad to push back the piston
I don't recommend this method, as the other end of the clamp will be pushing on the handbrake bracket and you'll end up bending it.

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