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Full Version: Acceleration Issues
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My Focus 1.8 TDCi Zetec (05 Plate) has some issues with the cold weather it seems. When setting out from a junction or even doing say 40/45 mph then accelerating their feels like a blockage in either the engine or the exahust, The car stutters a little bit (twice), Then the glow plug lights flash. Putting the car into limp home mode.

I have stopped and reset this and carried on driving without issue sometimes, However recently the Engine Management Light has appeared, But a few shorter journeys or starting the car up next day, It seems to clear. It also feels at times like the engine is wanting to stall.

I have read elsewhere that it may be filters, I could do with servicing the car this month. Does anyone have any ideas what the symptoms above may point to?

I think I really need to get it to somewhere that can read the fault codes, Local Ford Garage isnt too far away.

I am getting concerned that the colder weather may just see this car off.
EGR valve , try ftting a solid blanking plate (but could be other things too)

it may seem terminal, but a little bit of work done/ money spent and the car will probably last quite a bit longer!
Is the EGR valve something that would be serviced, If not would it be a pricey replacement? I'm concerned with the time of year and I've spent nearly 2k on my car already on various repairs over the last 12 months.
The EGR valve would not be serviced, not to sure on price to be honest as i've not looked into it as yet. Buy as mentioned above, the common practice for this problem would be to fit a blanking plate between the egr and where it sits.... Only problem being on the 1.6 & 2.0 tdci, this is quite an easy job, but not so straight forward on the 1.8tdci.
But no point getting the spanners out yet, it will need going on a code reader (decent one) and that should point you in the right direction, it may not be anything to do with the EGR yet !!!
Thanks guys,

Going to take it to a garage and get the code reader onto it. Very tempted to cut losses and get rid dependant on what this issue is.
My Local Ford Dealer is quoting £80 for a diagnostic check.. Outrageous :blink: I don't suppose anyone is based in the North East and could point me in the direction of a cheaper alternative?
I was going to say something when you mentioned taking it to your local fords, but thought it better to suprise yourself haha. Try a few local independent garages, most will have diagnostic equipment, and will charge a fraction of what fords want.
You can get a code reader online for about £20, An F-super will work withe most Fords, you just plug it into the OBD11 port, and into a laptop, once you get the codes you can show them on here and we will tell you what they are

The point about the EGR valve/ blanking plate is the plate only costs £5 (i recommend a solid, stainless steel one) and the car runs better with it fitted too anyway , the symptoms you describe can be because of a faulty EGR valve, a blanking plate "fixes" a faulty valve
I had similar problem with mine 1.8tdci, stuttered on several occasions, eventually putting it in limp mode with engine malfunction light on. Brought it to the garage I bought it from, they plugged it to tge computer to find dodgy injector, which they replaced under warranty. Didn't happen ever since. So maybe get it plugged to the computer also.
[quote name='stublackett' timestamp='1354541025' post='219502']
My Local Ford Dealer is quoting 80 for a diagnostic check.. Outrageous :blink: I don't suppose anyone is based in the North East and could point me in the direction of a cheaper alternative?
A diagnostic at my local Ford dealer is 49 incl vat
Still not cheap but 30 less than what you've been quoted.

The price is printed on a laminated A4 sheet, stuck on the desk where the service staff are, so it's the same for everyone.

The dealer is Polar Ford, Warrington.

Check if there's a Polar Ford near you, and haggle. Don't see why there should be a difference in price like this

(Price accurate 1 week ago)
S-cars at spenny ;) good prices, fast and never had a problem ..assuming your profile is right and youre in durham :)
Cheers for responses guys. Its an emission issue that's for sure.
You can sit with the car out of gear and rev it, The flashing glow plug comes on.

Problem is it just stalls randomly when driving, Did it to me on a roundabout this morning.
I'm taking it to a guy who's fixed my car a few times for me tomorrow afternoon, I'll brave the drive home tonight then its train in to work tomorrow.

I'll mention the EGR and Injector issue to him, Unfortunately I'm not under warranty any more. The guy I'm taking it to has a diagnostic machine.

Oh and @Aldoo I'm in Hartlepool, but will bear those guys in mind. Thanks
Just an update guys

Had the car hooked up to a diagnostic today, just a local garage who kindly did it for free!

The reading(s) came back as ECU and Fuel filter issues it also mentioned crank shaft

The mechanic reset the engine management light and took it for a thrashing round the area, car seemed ok.

It appears that this could be solved through a service, particularly the fuel filter. What you guys think? I have it booked in for service next Thursday and have no plans to use it until then.

Thanks again
The fuel filter can cause loads of sensors to trip.
Fuel pump pressure, injector pressure, fuel rail pressure sensor etc.
It seems to be that if the filter clogs it trips everything up and down stream.
Like I said earlier, it could just be down to something like a fuel filter, often overlooked by many, but it is an integral part of any engine. Many are also left out of services, as the can be difficult to bleed up after fitting. I know mine was serviced before I picked it up, and they said they had done the fuel filter, but I didn't trust them, and you wouldnt believe the state of it when it came out, it looked like it could have possibly been the original filter (car is 6 years old) and all because they didn't have a competent mechanic who know his stuff :-/
They're just bone idle sometimes.

Just another update. I took it to the garage on Thursday (The guy who did the diagnostic) he's done a full service. Glow plugs, filters etc. When he fitted the new filter he had noticed that their was a lack of fuel getting to the tank.

So I got the car back off him today as he eventually managed to get it started and running again. However when taking it out for a drive up to any amount of revs the car still cuts out. He thinks this is a fuel pump issue.

He was saying that this would cost up to £1,000 for a replacement? How true is this has anyone had an experience with fuel pump problems and did there car just cut out at speed or when accelerating?

The glow plug light comes on, on the dash but now the car just stalls completely, Very dangerous when your at a roundabout or on a dual carriageway.

Thanks in advance.
The fuel pump (lift pump- in the tank) is for sale for £115, so £1000 seems a bit exessive for this, there may be another pump on the engine, but as its a TDCI it won't be one of the expensive rotary ones as found on TDDIs

As simple leak/ split pipe could cause the same symptoms but it sounds like it could be the lift pump
To see if the pump is a problem get someone to turn on the ignition but not start the car while you have your ear in the rear footwell.
You should hear the fuel pump engage for a couple of seconds.
[quote name='Stoney871' timestamp='1355609277' post='221377']
To see if the pump is a problem get someone to turn on the ignition but not start the car while you have your ear in the rear footwell.
You should hear the fuel pump engage for a couple of seconds.

Thanks Stoney.
My mechanic took a look at that.
The flashing glow plug on the light was giving him a diagnostic reading of Fuel Pump pressure issues.

It seems to be around the 3,000 rpm mark that the car cuts out. Also colder days are an issue with it too.

Would you say this is a pricey fix?

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