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Full Version: Mondeo Rough Idle Runs But Cuts Out
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hello all

i have a problem with my 06 reg 2.0 130 mondeo

it starts with no problem but it goes all to pot ie stuttering and trying to cut out sometimes it will let you rev it with no problems apart from a slight lumpy bit to it you can drive it and it has no problem getting up to speed

when it idles its verry rough and cuts out

this is what i have done so far

took off egr valve cleaned it not much in there
took off inlet manifold cleaned it not much in there
new air filter
cleaned maf
fault codes i have found


p0100 power train maf sensor ckt insufficent activity

p0251 powertrain injection pump fuel metering control "a" malfunction cam rotor injector

pending codes

p0409 no defernidyion

p0404 powertrain exhaust gas recirculation egr open position performance

what else can i try

any advice is very appreciated


fuel filter??
Hi thanks for reply

Not done fuel filter yet as if it is the fuel pump and I put new fuel filter on
I have been told I will get silver peces of metal in it and
That fuel filter will be no good but if the engine runs ok if I rev it I cant see it being the pump
when you cleaned the egr did you get a vacume on the valve to see if it operated ok, it could also be the injectors playing up,either by losing their code to the ecu or one injector not firing right, these can be checked by a leak of test.
Check camshaft position sensor too, if it's dying it doesn't speak to the ECU properly and the timing can be advanced or retarded when it doesn't need to be, causing lumpy running.
Thanks for the replys

Egr I used the pipe and gave it a sucking lol and it opened

Camshaft sensor how do I test it and where do I find it I think it's on the gearbox side

I shall try and check the timing if I get chance

Thanks again

hi all

just to update

i have brought f super and using formidable i get these dtc codes

p0409 exhaust gas recirculation sensor a circuit

p0404 exhaust gas recirculation control circuit range performance

p0622 generator field terminal circuit

any heads up on these codes

i dont have enoght time as yet to play with the car i will keep you updated

thanks john

even tho its raining i have done the following

replaced fuel filter with a ford bosh one

spray carb cleaner down air pipe

found a nut missing off a glow plug

again she will rev and hold rev but wont idle

cleared dtc codes

forgot to say the batt light is allways on

same as before now i get

p1632 smart alternator fault sensor circuit



any help and where to look would be great i will get a nut on the glow plug

i brought this car as having a problem but i think it has had a new clutch as its very sharp so may be a wire loose or a plug not in right this is a much as i know about the car

thanks a lot


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