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Full Version: Subtle mods
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Never modded a car before, never really wanted to, but for some reason I want to make a couple of changes.
I have a mk1.5 Focus and have done the usual wipers/clear repeaters, but it's the first car out of the last 4 or 5 I've had without front foglights - how easy is it to fit a set of foglights to the Focus LX and is the wiring already in place? Can you fit ST170 foglights?
I'd also like to replace the grille in the front valance with a similar plastic honeycomb mesh that's in the main grille - is that possible and is there a ready made part?

At some point, it would be nice to get the rear set of windows tinted, but I expect that's quite expensive and not really necessary. Is there anything else that would be of any use or make it look different? Again blackeye headlamps would be nice, but not urgent. It doesn't need bigger brakes as it doesn't go fast enough to need them and I don't think lowering the car on standard wheels is worth it either.
Game of chance with the foglight wiring. Some have it some dont. My Mk1 has them taped up behind the bumper. The ST foglights is a common upgrade. As for the bottom grill [url=""]try this one[/url]
Ah yeah, I've seen the parts site - that's pretty good. The other thing I'd like to do is change the horn as I don't have an alarm and have a crappy single note horn that most people wouldn't notice.

Where is the horn on the Focus and would you fit an aftermarket horn (say a Stebel Magnum) on standard wiring.
The std horn on the focus is supposed to be a dual horn so maybe yours is faulty. I know it can be a common fault on them. As for its location I believe its behind the front bumper to the drivers side.

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