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Full Version: Mondeo Tdci 130
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Hi All my Mondeo Tdci 130 accelates on its own when i change from 4th into 5th at 30 to 40 mph
any info will be helpfull Thanks
Is it not supposed to? Like an anti-stall feature? I'm assuming it's just a small acceleration yeah? Have you checked does it happen in other gears too if you change up too early?
Hi no only in 5th but stays at same speed usually 40 mph
like cruse control which i have not got cheers
Make a note of the engine RPM directly after you've put it into 5th and brought the clutch back up, it sounds to me just like the engine naturally getting to it's idle speed.

try going into other gears at similar RPM and see how they pull too, Diesels pull back up to their idle speed very well so sometimes it can feel like the car trying to get away from you when really it's just getting comfortable again.
Hi ok thanks for info just got car not used to Diesel :rolleyes:
That's probably it to be honest, I remember the first time I drove a diesel and it was a little unsettling the way that it picked up after gear changes without even putting any throttle into it!

Don't think I could go back that easily now, I'd be stalling all the time because I'm so used to the torque
Hi Thanks all for info :D

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