Hi There

I have just bought a focus 2003 1.6 ghia and noticed the following problems,

(1st)...........the airbag light keeps flashing and comes on solid,so after getting a reader plugged into it it appears to be the front crash sensor, which some people are saying there are one on each side and some say theres only one ? some saying its located on the passenger side behind the bumper and you take the headlight out to get to it ? some say its behind the front grill infront of the radiator ? can anybody tell me which one is true ??

(2nd) this is a really weird one, i have electric windows all round and can control all windows except for the passenger rear,it wond go up or down you just hear the clicking of the motor but does nothing when you press the driver control button on the drivers door (i have the red light selected on this,i believe that should lock the rear windows,in my case it doesnt,if i switch it to green it cuts off the passenger door control ), weird things are if you put the window down using the passenger rear door switch and then press the drivers door control up or down the window moves up only, and when i press the key fob and hold it down to put all the windows up or down at the same time all the windows including the rear passenger function fine,if i leave the windows down and go back to using the driver door control again it doesnt matter if you press up or down the window only goes up,

if anyone could help with the above i would be very grateful,

thanks in advance, and sorry for boring you.lol