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Full Version: Dashboard Dials Flickering On Engine Start
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Recently whilst starting the engine from cold, the dials on the dashboard have started to flicker for approximately 2 - 3 seconds, then stop flickering and read as they should normally. They only flicker once the engine has started and do not flicker before this when the ignition is turned on.

It's a mk1 2005 1.8L focus, petrol, 89,000 miles on the clock.

Any ideas? Is it just a coincidence that has started to happen now that the outside air temperatures are hovering around or below freezing?

If needs be I can record a video of what happens and upload it to youtube to give people a better idea of what's going on.

Any suggestions on what's going on and if this is normal would be appreciated! Thanks!
I am getting this issue with my 06 2.0TDCI focus.

I find it resets the trip computer as well.
have the battery checked faulty cells in the battery cause this
Bad battery, duff alternator or a loose wire to the cluster.
I've recorded what happens and posted it on youtube so people can see first hand, rather than me explaining it:


Having watched the video, would this still point to a bad battery / duff alternator / loose wire to the cluster??
Wiring or clusyet fault by the look of it
Yea the more research I'm doing suggests its something to do with the cluster. Is it something I should get checked and fixed sooner rather than later or will it not make a difference, other than the fact the dials don't read properly for the first 5 seconds after starting the engine?
Do you find that the problem occurs more in wet or very cold weather?
There was a known fault with the MK1/1.5 cluster where condensation on the circuit board could cause shorting and errors with the cluster.
I seem to recall that another member here recently got a quite of £99 from a Ford dealer to replace his.
£99 is not a bad price to have an instrument cluster repaired or replaced IMO - I looked at having just the LCD done on the cluster when I had an Audi A3 for a short while - I was quoted prices of nearly £200...
[size=4]Have you checked the battery? How old is the battery? My battery failed on monday....but during the month before it failed the dash cluster did some funny stuff. Now its got a new bat in its fine:-)[/size]
Haven't checked the battery as of yet and yes this problem started when the very cold weather arrived, during the summer I had no problems at all.

If it won't cause any damage or further problems then I'm thinking I might leave it until it gets to a stage where it has to be looked at (which hopefully it won't!). What do people think?

Did you ever find a fix for this?  I too had that problem, ford dealer told me it was a sign of your battery going down.  So to swtich off things before starting like auto lights, fan radio ect.  My dials worked fine all through summer, The problem came back recently, temps dipping below 10 Degrees C.  I have replaced my battery with a new fresh one.  Still does it.  Seems harmless, but interested on how to fix as it is zeroing my avg MPG every start up and turn off tones I have set to ON

Cluster faults get worse to the point the car will stall not start or cut out while driving and it can happen quickly

I've recently noticed that when I start mine up.all the needles on the gauges go to maximum briefly then drop back to normal. Doesn't happen all the time,but I think they do tend to do it when it is/has been raining. Only had it a month so don't know how old battery is. Will get it tested.

Thats a dash test this only happens when the battery has a faulty cell or is low or tge wrong battery silver calcium battery needed but they shouldnt do a test ever unless you are doing a dash test youreself other than that it will haopen if water is getting into the cluster wiring but ide start with the battery first

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