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Full Version: S-Max Water In Passenger Footwell (More Like A Pond)
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I bought a 6 month old S-Max titanium 2.0TDCi power shift with panoramic sunroof from Motorpoint two weeks ago. Absolutely loved the car (we had a manual S-max for 4 years previously) especially the powershift auto.

Then, I discovered last week that under the front passenger mat, the carpet was sodden. Pressing on it revealed about 1/2 cm of water. After sponging that out for 20 mins, I then found even more under the rear storage floor (pooling even more) I got about a litre out of that.

Reading in similar forums I suspected the AC drain, so turned that off on a long journey to the midlands. However the next day, after heavy rain, I used a wet vacuum cleaner and sucked out a litre of water again from front and rear passenger footwells.

Its under warranty and booked in at a Ford dealer this monday, but still I am shocked at the amount of water coming in. I hope it is not the panoramic roof. I tested the door seals with a watering can and also where the windscreen drains into the engine compartment - the doors seemed fine but I suspect the engine compartment. (it seems to be running from the front of the passenger footwell where it meets the wheel arch.

Are there any common faults with water ingress in this area? I have read about the pollen filter.

As a postscript: I am not sure I will buy from Motorpoint again - it was a fleet car and this might be why they got rid. Motorpoint either did not spot the carpets were soaking, or as I suspect, simply let it go anyway. The warning sign in hindsight was that when I test drove it, I remember the blowers were set to max (it was a frosty day and thought nothing of it at the time)
There have been some posts about wet carpets in the smax owners club website forum. Might be worth doing a search on there.
Took in to the ford dealer and they had it for 10 days. Apparently there was a leak in the seam of the bulkhead under the dashboard. The worst of the water ingress has stopped but the rear footwell/storage area carpet is still getting damp following rain. I have it booked in for another look.

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