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Full Version: Any Ideas What This Is?
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While lowering the gearbox and engine from the top mount to change the DMF and clutch, 2 of these appeared on top of the gear linkage.

I have no idea what they are, or where they came from, cant see that they are that important, look kinda like fuse holders maybe.

But be nice to know tho if anyone has any ideas
Well if no1 here knows what they are, cant be too important.
Too the glovebox they will go for now.
no idea, any part numbers on it?
Do they perhaps clip onto the gear linkage as guides or spacers? Can you take a picture of the other side?
If you took the bits to Ford maybe they could draw up the ecat and see if they're integral to the car?
A long time ago i used to build/ rebuild motorcycles, after stripping down a bike and rebuilding one, i often had a jamjar full of bits and peices that i did not know what they did,(in fact, this was normal) bike ran better than ever and did not miss the "mystery bits"!
They hold the cable/linkage in to the cable/linkage housing so dont put them in the jam jar or use them as what is commonly known in the trade as wee bits why wee bits cos they go weeeeee when you chuck em lol.
Cheers, will take the airbox out and have another look, its a bit restricted for vision down there, might see if the missus can get up to fords and get a printout of exactly where they go.
[size=4]You will see one to the left under the battery tray the other one is further back i,m not sure if they should have springs as its a while since i had my gearbox out but you will have to remove the battery tray fully to get them back in i will try and get a picture for you later or a scan of the haynes manual page if it shows them.[/size]

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