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Full Version: Focus 2008 Speaker Size
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Hi Guys,

Rather then putting a subwoofer in the car, I think I will upgrade the speaker system instead. I have had a quick search of the forum and the internet but cant get a definate answer..

What size are the front and rear speakers for a 2008 Ford Focus estate? I also believe they are riveted in as well (oh joy).

Also.... Has anyone had experiance of these hidden subs you can get? The ones you can put under the chairs instead of a big box in the boot?

Thanks in advance for your help!

[color=#0000ff][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]If you are thinking of replacing the door speakers, you need to remove the original speakers first to see how much depth you have into the doors, don't just check the cone diameter. Another alternative is, you could order from Ford the premium speakers used in the 2008 Titanium estate.[/font][/size][/color]
Good point Stormin thanks, but I probably will be going for something like alpine etc.

I think 'worms, open, can' comes to mind thinking about this :)
rickg the speakers in the titanium are brill. we crank ours up quite loud with a little bass and they dont distort and crackle like most do. i do have a sub out of old subaru which is not old at all, may not even be run in, i was debating fitting this but no need. also i suppose it goes on the headunit also, i have the sony satnav unit fitted as standard, head unit good, satnav sh1t lmao
That good? Wonder how much ford will charge then for them....How many is there? Is there 6 in an estate?
i have the hatch back version, but as far as im aware there is a 6 speaker set up, and i think the titaniums are the same size just drill out the rivets and fit, but im not sure on this tho. if you want to up your speakers i think you need a adapter plate. i think the 1's in the door are about 5.25", and with the adapter plate you can go 1" bigger, but again not sure.... from what ive read the ford upgrade costs around 30-35 quid per speaker, thats with no tweeter..... hope this helps
Huge help Martin thanks :) I shall enquire tomorrow to see what ford have to say about the price. I was going to de-rivet and just use nuts and bolts to secure the new speakers in place.
Another thing to get also if fitting non Ford speakers is the dedicated wiring adaptors which plug into the original speaker wire connectors and modify them to bayonet connectors for aftermarket speakers.
Available on eBay and save having to cut and splice wires.

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