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Anyone Used These??

I'm thinking of getting some for my car over the winter months... Cheaper than the winter tyre option and easy to put on/take off...
was looking at these this morning my self on ebay, the red and blue i think for 60 quid..... would not mind seeing some reviews myself from other members....
i was looking at for mine...
[indent=1]they look better than these[/indent]

[indent=1]this is what i was looking at[/indent]
Theyre crap guys for one you cant use them on dry bits of road they tear to bits putting them on is as easy as they say but they do come off rather easily not sure about the autosock ones but ive tried the ones for sale in halfords and my mate had halfords and Asda ones they dont tell you that you cant drive above 25mph with them fitted you dont need winter tyres here in scotland we had the worst snow and ice and i managed fine on normal tyres my mate got the snow socks last year and i had more grip than he did ive read reviews on them and i think its all in there head if you believe they work you arent so apprehensive or nervous a good thong to have is a snow shovel and the plastic tracks to get you moving
if you read the autosocks website it tells you all you need to know, about driving short distances on tarmac, max 30mph, etc etc etc...

i struggled mainly with the traction control last year, i had continental sport contact tyres, which are awful for snow as they only have ribs going round the tyre, not across... so dont grip anything! as soon as i got a bit of movement the traction control would kick in and all momentum would be lost and i'd stop.. Unfortuantely i cant turn off traction control!!
try going into the menu setting on your stalk. i can turn it off there, and actually spin the wheels instead of bouncing so to speak. this is our first time in four years to have a 2 wheel drive again, as we had our scoob prior which had no problems what so ever. so a bit nervous
I can turn ESP off but not traction control... Only way to do it is pull the fuse!!

Are you sure that you can't turn off Traction Control vis 'Settings' and 'Driver Assist'?

My handbook seems to suggest that you can although I have not put it to the test!
[b] [/b]
I have no driver assist option...

In settings I can go to ESP that's it..
I have an option that says ESP/TCS then on or off. was enabled in elmconfig.
I had snow socks on a couple of years ago and used them a few of times. Had no issues with them and they got me where I needed to go. Only needed them for a few short but steep inclines on winding country roads. These were parts where I'd tried to get up first without them with no joy, rolled back down, fitted the socks in a couple of mins tops, then sailed on and took them back off before hitting any tarmac. Can't remember the brand of tyre I was on, but it was on my Mondeo ZS so they were 225/40/18.

Don't think I needed them at all last year as we got away pretty lightly compared to the previous two winters.

As said, they shred in no time on tarmac, but for the very few instances where I had to use them, I found them pretty handy.

We all know that the most important factor, in all driving but especially winter conditions, is the driver and technique employed.

Still tempted though to pick up a set of steelies with winter rubber on them and get the ST 18s off for a few months. Would be an excuse for a refurb then too, haha!
its literally a couple of bits of my journey that are an issue, both fairly steep inclines... and half theissue is other traffic stopping/getting stuck, which then stops my momentum...

Grrrrrr other peoples winter driving!
Seems mixed then they were rubbish to be fair on mine i had better grip without them and no matter what you use if its ice youre at its mercy steelies di sound a better ootion a lot of scrappies may even have 4with decent tyres on them michelin alpine 4 snd primacy alpine 3 are voted as the best you can get but not cheap so perhaps hit asda pay 40 quid and try the snowsocks its cheaper than the other options they may just do you for what you need

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