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Full Version: Low Mpg?
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I have recently purchased a 2004 2.0 tdci with 81k on the clock.
my trip computer is reading at 27-29 mpg around town but i thought it was meant to be higher than that.
I dont have a heavy foot and have been trying to drive round as carefully as possible but cant seem to get higher than 28.4.
can anyone help please
try a service dude? take it for a thrash...... unsure about your mpg stats, have a look at the back of your handbook. from what ive read, majority of peeps getting around 40 round town 50-60 motorway both out of the 115ps and the 130ps
I dont have a handbook yet lol. mine is the 115ps model.
Ive only actually been around town with it since i bought it so will have to take it on a good run.
thanks :)
Did you reset the trip computer? If not, and there's been a problem before, it will take ages to get to a 'normal' reading.

Hold down the button below the MPG display for about five seconds to reset it, then go for a run of about 15 miles or so. That will give you a better idea.

If it's still showing below 30, you can start to look for other issues. If it's somewhere in the low 50s, you're probably OK.

Other issues could include (but not limited to):
Binding brakes
Low tyre pressures
Dirty or faulty EGR valve
Dirty or faulty MAF sensor

A code reader is always a good buy.
ok thanks BigD ill try that and then see what happens.

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