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Full Version: Flaming Vauxhall
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ok guys thought this would go down well on fb and a friend commented on a colour of Vauxhall (spit) thing so had to be done
HAHA very nice.

I was driving round the Shrewsbury bypass about a year ago and just as we were approaching one of the roundabouts, could see this orange glow in the distance. Turns out it was a Vauxhall Vectra that had decided to set itself on fire. As the fire crew were already there I had no sympathy and had to laugh :P
I thought all vauxhalls were brown underneath
They shed rust like snakes shed their skins.
They should come fitted with brushes on their under sides.
And theyre sxxt
[quote name='artscot79' timestamp='1355362272' post='220880']
And theyre sxxt
V true
chocked on my morning cuppa cha looking at that lol
LOL, very good!
now we need to be fair we all know that a 1.2 corsa sxi with a back box and alloys will out drag anything on 4 wheels guys and that the ashtray has the handling of an asda shopping trolley with a dodgy wheel and who can forget the legendary nova welded together with the highest quality rusty bean cans vauxhall could find

yep ive had vauxhalls and im the first to admit the only decent vauxhall is the one that you can take a toastie knife and some bread out to and make youre breakfast as you watch it burn
I've had to drive some during my career and they all seemed to have the same problems.
Bad wiring, clutch plates like tissue paper, harsh brakes, constantly blowing bulbs and cheap plastic interiors.
They all seem to run out of ideas at about 4k revs too.
Last time I had to drive a corsa I did my best to rid the world of it by whacking it into some railings, unfortunately I didn't do enough damage and the hateful thing was resurrected.
Better luck next time I hope.
stoney youre not thinking man give all the corsas free to all the neds that pass there test within a year they will all be dead and the cars will be scrapped two birds with one stone
You have a very valid point there.
If only.....
ok guys what is the problem with neds/chavs
tbf i quite like that, needs bigger wheels tho like a nice set of cavalier fan blades. always being a sucker for a mk2, ever since i had my first mk2 2.0l gte, fooking loved that, but got stolen and found burnt out

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