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Full Version: Internal Central Locking Activation
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Our 2001 Focus central locking works perfectly from the key fob, but the manual suggests that when sitting inside the car pushing the drivers (and front passenger) lock tab, next to the interior door handle should activate the central locking to all doors.

I have checked the handbook and checked the fuses which are intact - but there is a mystery central locking fuse (63 I think) which is "behind the fuse box" where exactly is this fuse?

If not the fuses where should I look next to get the internal central locking working?

Many thanks.
Cant see why youde want to ford binned that idea due to safetu concerns in a crash the fuse is behind the under glovebox fuse box
I have already located the fuse box behind the glovebox and looked at the 2 spade fuses relevant to the central locking, but the manual says there is [i]another[/i] central locking fuse (63 I think) which is actually [i]"behind the fuse box"[/i] I want to make sure this fuse is intact (if I can find it)

You should be able to lock the car from inside without using the key fob, it's a basic security feature so no one can gain entry at traffic lights etc.
Its on the rear of the fuse box one fuse on its own as i said ford did start deactivating that feature as in an accident with the engine off the doors would jam and emergency services couldnt get the doors open usually if the fuse 63 has went central locking wont work
Thanks artscot79 I understand now that it's the location of fuse 63 that has been discontinued, not internal central locking :D

OK, the internal central locking does not work so I will have to see what else is causing it to stop working.

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