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Full Version: Timing Belt Change Focus Mk3
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Hi I have a diesel 1.6 Mk3 focus and am just wondering what milage the timing belt should be changed would be great to know

Thanks in advance
they're usually 10years or 125,000 miles, whichever is sooner. Given you're not going to hit 10 years [i]just[/i] yet, it'd be when you hit 125,000, but generally people say to play it safe and get it done earlier. Lets face it, the amount of damage it'll cost you if it breaks will cost as much as several changes, so people usually say to get it done at around 70-80000, just to be sure. I've just hit 70,000 and i'll be doing mine soon.

It could be different for your mk3, the above information is correct for mk2/2.5. I'm afraid i can't say for definite, but i believe the above is correct.
I`d agree with Minnis. If in doubt,change it.

The cost implications is just to severe. :(
to clarify ford say the belt is 10 years or 125,000 miles they do not say thats when the tensioner should be replaced and since the tensioner always goes first its a good bet to have it done sooner 80k for diesels 70k petrols the tensioner should be checked for abnormal noise etc on a service few ford dealers do it
I will do mine at 50k like I did with my 2003 focus and then planned to do so with my st but traded before it hit 50k
We bought a 2001 MK1 Focus with 103,000 miles and checked with the Ford garage where it had been serviced most of it's life - they found that it was due but had never been done.
But at £320 we couldn't afford to get it done by Ford so opted for a local garage who did a good job for £100 less - now we have peace of mind.
foci st3 has the right idea a few hundred pounds versus a knackered engine its a no brainer really theres been a few posts on here where the tensioner has went far short of the 100k

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