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Full Version: Argh Headlights
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guys headlamp blown yet again avoid ring automotive xenonultima plus 120% they are as bad as Vauxhall off to the bay to get osram cool blue intenses
Bloody hell not having much luck are you kid
some of these bulbs are pretty shocking must say my cheapie xenon effect are going strong 8 months on not rubbing it in :rolleyes:
lol its fine Arthur just fed up with changing my bulbs had nothing but problems with that ring ones and tbh I had the car into ford and they said the lamps were beginning to melt so I'm glad in a way I'm getting new lights and Charlie do you have the complete osram cool blue ie sides dipped and high beams ?
I've just got the cool blue h7 and h1 mate. Ain't got the side lights yet.

A combo you may wanna go for is cool blue h7 and nightbreaker plus h1
oh ok why is that are the cool blue intense h1 bulbs pants.
just sent a mahousive paragraph to ring automotive complaining about my hassle with these bulbs and that they were beginning to melt my headlamp inside so might hear back at some point
I have cool blue H1 and H7. With Philips bluevision side bulbs (purely because no cool blue ones were available when I needed them)
If you search the forum I posted videos of the bulbs in action so you can see the quality of light coverage and intensity on motorway, country and urban roads.
No mate the cool blue h1s are great in my opinion, can't fault em. But its a popular combination, as the nightbreaker plus's are meant to be slightly brighter than the cool blue, but not as white.

So what somr people do is go for the cool blue h7 as it will be used all the time n its whiter, but go for the nightbreaker h1 for that slightly more brightness when its needed.

Or just get the cool blue h7 and h1 like Clive n I. I personally can't fault em having used em on narrow windy country unit roads at night, the difference in light output n brightness is imense compared to stock bulbs n i'm happy with em. Was just giving you options as the nightbreakers are apparantly even brighter, but not as white as i said.

See Clives videos n you'll see how good they are.
Beware sone ring bulbs do state they arent suitable for certain headlight types

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