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Full Version: Stupid Tdci's With Dpf Has Blew My Turbo. Changed My Opinion Now
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Going down the motorway and lost most of the power.
Got towed home then straight to garage in the morning.
Soon as mechanic seen the diesel particulate filter he said thats your problem these cars are prone.
Took it apart anyway and yes he was right he does them all the time, so also need a new turbo as there was no indication its was on its way out.
Anyone else had these problems.

Anyway i got brand new turbo 6 month warranty £290

DPF £200

He said because they were cheap it may last 6 months.

So heres my main question sell or NOT?

Heard the ones without dpf are slugish but they are reliable just like a bit of power.
Could always have a 1.6 chipped to take sluggishness away thats why i opted for the 1.8 when i was looking for one wouldnt of touched the 1.6 with a dpf with a barge pole far to many horror stories for my likeing got a 2.0L as well blown turbo on that just waiting for the better weather to put it back together so i can sell it
whats the 1.8 like and chipped, didn't even know what a dpf was until i went to the garage now i know a lot about them lol.
Why are 2.0 turbos prone to go aswell?
My 1.8 on a Bluefin is average 148bhp and goes like stink.
No dpf to worry about.
the 1.8 is awesome remapped... think i timed mine about 7.5ish 0-60, but after that it still keeps pulling right up to...... 70mph of course.. ;)

had mine on track a couple of times and it kept up with a few things... BMW 325 and honda s2000 are my most surprising moments!
[quote name='TDCiST' timestamp='1355664990' post='221462']
the 1.8 is awesome remapped... think i timed mine about 7.5ish 0-60, but after that it still keeps pulling right up to...... 70mph of course.. ;)

Of course. :P
sorry not had a ford before so dont know to much about them. So whats bluefin.

you still on about diesels?,because thats quick for a cheap diesel.

I bought the 1.6 because there cheaper to run, diesel and tax but end up paying more on parts and mechanics oh well its getting traded in.
They are still referring to diesels, and. the bluefin is just a type of remap, you can get all different types, but bluefin have a very good reputation.
oh rite sounds good, is that a chip or like the dyno
Does a chip do the engine any good and what if the mileage is quite high my 57plate focus has 112,000 miles.
I seem to buy them cheap with the high mileage..
blue fin plugs into your obd socket so you can take it in and out as you please usually has 3 settings if i,m correct also acts as a fault code reader demon tweeks in wrexham sell them 320

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