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Full Version: Headlight Leveller Switch
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today i purchased a 2001 ka collection in great condition the only fault is with the headlights they shine upwards so much people are flashing as if they are on full beam
i have tried the leveller switch but nothing moves
where is the best place to start the level switch or the actual lights?
i would set the leveller switch to the low position then adjust the light units from under the bonnet.

if you look under the bonnet there are usually 2 turning nuts with a phillips screw slot in it located on the headlights
it tells you on the headlight which way to turn it for going higher but you could just pop down to your local garage and have them check the height for you
if not just drive your car close to a wall with lights on and watch the beam go higher or lower.
the actual leveller switch maybe at fault so park near to a wall then see if the beam moves atall if nothing then the leveller unit has had it ?
Thanks- is there a guide on here as to which adjuster moves the lights up and down?
Ignore my last i didn't read all the way down!
i would also check the suspension is ok as if the rear has faild or is soft then it maybe because the dampers or spring are gone & check the tyres are of the correct size.
sounds silly but if they are too deep at the front then they will make the lights high if you get what im trying to say and check pressures.
let us know how you get on
Thank you sir! I will check tyres and suspension in the daylight

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