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Full Version: Removing Rear Seats Mk 2.5 To Fit Isofix
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I got my isofix adapter from ford, went to fit it today, and it's too hard without removing the seat back from the rear seat.

I looked in the guides, but don't see one for this, has anyone done this already ?

I see some guides, they involve cutting bits of the seat to expose the screws/bolts to take out the seat etc. but I can see on the mk 2.5 where the seat hinges on the side of the car, looks like it should lift out, but there is obviously a trick to this. There appears to be a piece of metal painted white in the fitting that can be pushed back out of the way, but the seat back still won't lift out.

any help appreciated , anyone with a haynes manual probably has the details on this :-)
[u][i][b]where the hinge sits in get a flat bladed screw driver and move the hinge cover rearwards its like a claw that comes over the hinge you will see what i mean once you have done one[/b][/i][/u]
I think I know the piece you mean, this should move all the way back to clear the pin in the hinge, allowing me to lift it out clear of the hinge ?
is trying to fit such a feature your self a good idea. If it isnt done correctly or something goes wrong with it......

But thats just what i think.
I did it my self without taking backrests out, just lift bottom of the seat up. I used torx socket, extension and a ratchet to push some foam on backrest in while screwing, tried with L shaped torx first but didn't feel tight enough.
yes that is the piece estate fan is right though you will still need to push the foam back a bit to get at the other torq screw seem a bit of a awkward design but that can be done without removing the back rest .
I don't this in my st but I think the seats are different, the base lifts and the back part is just clipped in each side and then a rod holds both together, I think the double seat comes out first then once removed it allows the single seat to come out giving full access to Isofix holes. I heard about the standard seats needing a bit of modifying but not sure how accurate this is.
ok, i skinned knuckle later, all done :-)

pushing the metal piece back in the hinge quickly released the seat back, allowing easy install of isofix bar, while you could do it without removing the seat, it's so easy to remove I would think that the overall job is easier with the seat back out.

I chose to install isofix on the rear passenger side, so I can see our child while driving if required. I noticed the isofix bar fouls the middle seatbelt from it's anchor point a bit, which seams like bad design, but looks fine.

thanks for the help everyone

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