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Full Version: Problem removal of Ford 6000 radio
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I have purchased the removal tools, however they only work on 3 of the slots. The 4th one just wiggles about and I am unable to remove the double din head unit due to this.

Does anyone know how else to remove the unit?
It is possiable that the fourth pin does not locate because the clip inside is bent, this has happened to us many times before. You could try using a Non Ford removal key such as a Kenwood key as they have a longer end which should reach further into the radio, once in you basically have to locate the clip and bent it inwards to release the radio.

If you are unable to do this you may need to take it to a specialist radio store who will be able to do this for you.
Hi, I managed to get a long slim spoon in , which went in to approximately 3x the length of the key. Unfortunately, I was unable to feel anything and tried wiggling from left to right, but to no avail.

Can any of the panels be removed to reveal the catches?
As far as i know you cant get to the pins any other way, it might be that whilst you have the 'spoon' in there you can also put a panel tool down the side of the unit to help push the unit out, as there is a little bit of play in the panels.

It takes alot of time and effort but thats about all i can think off, sorry :(
Thanks for the swift reply Jay.

I will give it a try and let the thread know for closure :)
I managed to get the thing out, and basically is was down to brute force and ignorance. I have managed to correct the issue with it. Basically, there is a small catch on the inside. On my stereo, the catch was bend around and hence the tool was not catching it.

I have attached an image of the catch.
Cool, well done mate! :)

thought it would be a bent Pin!
Thanks for the advice in this discussion. I've been trying to get my damn stereo out for some time but the bottom right catch was giving me hassle. The key would grip onto something but it wasn't the spring. I gave up and went to ½ord's a few days ago and they tried some bigger keys to no avail. After reading this I decided to use the blade on my swiss army knife as it's about 3 inches long and doesn't bend under pressure like the keys, put it in and wiggled it around and the bugger came right out with no problems.

Danke schön

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