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Full Version: Double Din Install Oval Shape Stereo
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I hope you guys can help me. I have done a search but did not find the answer I was after.

I want to fit an aftermarket double din stereo (pioneer fhp800bt) in a 2009 (59 reg facelift) ford focus.
The stereo is new and complete with the cage. I am not sure which fascia I need, I have asked two ebay sellers and both gave me different options so even more confused now.

This is what my stereo looks like at the moment

And this is what I will be fitting
you can pick the relevant facia from dealers for around £20. just speak to the parts guy and say you need the square mk2 facia for the sony 6000cd. other than that find a pre-07 model mk2. being an 09 model you will have the mk2.5.

Something like this is what you'll need.
Curved so the original fascia will fit but sized to take a rectangular double din radio.
Thanks stoney871
That's the trim I thought I needed but the seller says I will need this

The best thing to do is find out the dimensions of the radio you intend to buy then check the fascia and adaptor apeture size to get the correct fit.
both methods will work. the parts are interchangeable. there is plenty of info on google on this.
I won't need a fitting kit then? One of he sellers said he cage which comes with the stereo will be no good and need to get a double din fitting kit.
I've just bought a new double din radio, and the cage that came with the radio is no good, so I've purchased a full fitting kit with everything I need including a patch lead so the radio buttons on the stalk/steering wheel will still work. Just out of interest, what is making you opt for this headunit ? It may not be your thing but you can get a branded one that plays DVDs and all the other stuff for 70 quid less than the cost of the one your after ?

Ps, here is the same radio your after on ebay for £229 [url=""][/url]

Also another alternative, also with this you can choose from 30'000 ish colours, so you could match the dash colour [url=""][/url]
Ask Brigante.
He's just fitted an aftermarket radio to his Mk2.
I believe there tends to be an issue with the depth of cages and then being too deep for the focus dash.
I'm sure he'll have the correct cage depth measurements somewhere.
I already have the stereo, I didn't pay that much either, lol. Got a really good deal on a 8 month old stereo from eBay.
Yeah Brigante gave me the info I needed, and stated the cage that comes with the radio will not fit, this is the kit I purchased [url=""][/url]. Cage will fit snug as a bug :D
I'm away from the forums for a day and everyones saying my name :P

As said above, if you currently have the oval head unit and want to KEEP the oval shape, you'll need a fascia adaptor like this

And this fitting kit

I've been looking through the sellers listings and can't find it, but if you contact the seller they will have the fitting kit with the correct fascia adaptor, so it should be the same kit but with the oval fascia adaptor instead of the square. This will mean you can keep you current head unit surround.

But if your not fussed about keeping the oval shape, go for this kit

It includes a completely new head unit surround, that has an actual double din sized hole in it, so it will make for a nice snug fit.

If you don't like the look of the silver surround, I'd recommend carbon wrapping it. Or to look really good, have it carbon dipped.

If you need any info on fitting the head unit, look in my signature where you will find a guide for when I fitted my head unit. Your installation will be exactly the same.

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