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Full Version: Need Definitive Answers Please
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been using google as much as possible for these but im finding so many different answers that im lost!

first is a question which was bound to follow on from my last one about changing interior lights ...which is the fuse for the interior lights? (yep, i did it!! haha)

another is about the doors ...i was thinking about taking the rub strips off and having a cleaner look, but i read more conflicting information. some say theyre held with 3M tape, others say clips, and some say theyre sunk in so it would leave a dip
but theres focuses about with smooth doors and i doubt ford would have had the bother of making two lots of doors?

..think thats about it for the moment :D

thanks :)
[color=#0000ff][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]If they are fixed on with 3M tape they need to be heated with hot water first to soften the adhesive or you will remove the top lacquer coat, best done on a hot summers day, you also need to consider if there would be a colour change as that part of the door has not been exposed to the sun for 5-6 years.[/font][/size][/color] [color=#0000ff][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]You can see the effect on S/H vans that have been sign written and the company logo removed.[/font][/size][/color]
I can't see which model Focus you have no the mobile site but if it's a Mk2 then look to my signature.
The fuse lists are available there.
Also afaik the Mk2 door strips are clip and sticky pads, the Mk2.5's have smooth doors.
The mk2 im sure are held on with 3m tape the full length im not sure if there are clips i will say ive never known anyone to remove them just colour code them
there are some great guides on signatures on here! thanks!!

and colour coded? ..would that be painting origionals or new ones? isnt it hard to paint that bumpy black plastic?

Thanks guys!
Ford do stock primered strips which means no bumps to sand away.
Just to confirm with you that the internal light fuse position is 80 and is a 10A fuse.
i can see this bump strips ida being a lot more work than suspected ..might take one off next year to take a look at what im dealing with, but its not the weather to mess about with exterior at the moment

thanks for the confirmation stoney go grab one tomorrow, lunch break will be sorted! (a bit annoying that i need it sorting though, i bet i could get a 50 pack off the internet for the price of one in a shop lol

whilst iv got the topic here i might as well ask you guys this.

i couldnt fit a 48 led plate in my focus dome, but i can fit two 12s in ([url=""][/url])
but the 05 focus sport only has the one festoon holder so i plan on attaching the 2 to 1 holder

i was planning on putting a bit wire into each slot of the holder(probably 15A because iv got some lying around) and then solder the two led plates to those before insulating to stop them touching. jam a conductor in, attach the led plates and wrap in tape (i dont mean to intimidate with my technical vocabulary! haha)

would that be the simplest/most effective way to go about it?

Thanks again
Regarding door strips - they are fitted with 3M tape and they have 3 pins to put it in the correct position. There are holes for those pins in door panel. At least it is like that in case of 2006 estate driver's door. There is simply no way to make clean look just by removing strips.
swapped the fuses and light still wasnt working ..after looking on here iv looked at other things the fuse controls and saw that the boot light and mirrors still worked, meaning its not the fuse.

read about a power saving relay or something? would those relays be at the back of the glovebox fuse box or the relays in engine bay?

Thanks again everyone!
Its not a relay i believe its a timer control module that dims the lights and thats non tamper whatever you did may have blown or fused something
Non tamper? in it cant be fixed?

..a bit sickening that! haha

Thanks, and merry xmas!! :)
If it is the timer module then sadly you cant fix it though the dash light runs on the same module so that wouldnt work either i woukd pop. The original bulb back in make sure the connectors are fully in olace then check all the fuses under the glove box then under the bonnet

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