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Full Version: Should I Swop My Audi 2.0 Tdi For A Focus St 3 2006??
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hey guys I'm new on here I'm in process of swopping my audi a3 2.0tdi 2004 for a 2006 focus st 3 it has a few minor issues such as the srs light is on he says the clutch is on it way out but isn't slipping yet its done 39,000 miles has 4 months mot and 6 months tax want to no weather you guys can advise me on weather to go a head and do it? cheers :)
Id buy a 1.8tdci focus and build it to a mk2.5 st replica
The conversion would cost around 800 pounds and save you over 3000 pounds within two years mate.
Even the dash pod can be fittex to the tdci and you can remap a 1.8tdci bullet proof engine to 148bhp while still getting over 40mpg.
Just my opinion though.
ok mate i don't really have the skills or time to do that also would you have any idea why the gear box is stiff when cold? seems to be a problem witht he sts iv read on forums but i wanna no if it can be sorted? cheers
If it was me Id swap it but and it is a BIG but I am a fully qualified Ford tech and could do the clutch myself if needed and could rebuild the box if it went bang. My big worry for you is that it shouldnt be anywhere near needing a clutch at that mileage unless its had a hard life. So I would say if you want an ST sell your car and buy one that has been well treated and serviced just from what you've said I would be jubious about it. On the other hand I LOVE Fords and would never drive and audi LOL there is nothing wrong with them and they have impecable build quality but they dont set me aight like Fords do. Sad I know.
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[color=#0000ff][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]I would get rid of the Audi. Next time you see the bonnet up on the motorway 9 times out of 10 the car is from the VW group of companies. As to the Focus ST, maybe look for one with less problems, the one you are looking at does sound like it's had a hard life.[/font][/size][/color]
I would walk away and keep the Audi until it stops running, the st must have been ragged and have a chip to be able to chew the clutch on that mileage, any warning lights on the dash say walk away and the difference in fuel will be massive. If you really want a st trade in ya Audi as you could prob get near enough to buy a used 2006-2007 mint st
The focus ST225 is a quick car compared to a 2.0tdi Audi or a 1.8 or 2.0L diesel focus, and can be made even quicker (300+ Hp or more is easily attainable at reasonable cost)

However the ST225 is a "gutsy brute" with 20mpg or less unless you drive like my gran -if you drive like my gran you will probably be overtaken by people with slower, less powerful cars - the insurance is not going to be cheap - especially if you are young (young = under 25) - so if you can't afford to insure/ run it - don't buy it - you would be amazed the amount of people crawling about at low speeds in fast cars trying to get a good MPG - thats very sad and defeats the point of these cars (for me anyway) perhaps they did not know what they were taking on or they changed jobs/ less money/ further to travel etc

From another point of view it is "the real thing" it is an actual ST and not a diesel Focus dressed to look like one (basically, a fake) that has half the power and sounds like a tractor when you start it up - its a bit like a modern day kit car - like a 911 turbo thats actually a classic vw beetle underneath - and sounds/ performs like a vw beetle

It all depends what you want from a car and what your needs are - you may be better off with the Audi tdi OR the ST (if you can afford to run/ insure it)
Keep the audi its better built doesnt leak as much and has far better mechanicals you dont see many high miler sts yet many petrol audis run into 200-300 thousand miles
hey guys i have the focus st now and have to replace both passenger and driver side lower arms on the suspension I'm wondering if you would no if they are normal focus ones our special focus st ones as all the parts shops say they are but can't gaurentey it so wonderd if you would have any clues?
Likely the same though ide have thought the st would have poky bushes in them rather than the rubber ones
You want some poly bushes fitted. Transforms the car.

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