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Full Version: Which Model Best To Keep?
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Hi,new to forums.and need some advice. My wife and I have a focus each and we are looking to sell one due to affordability and the fact that we don't really need two cars,trouble is we don't know which one to sell. One is a 1.8 Zetec Climate TDCI,06 plate,80k on the clock,the other is a 1.6 LX TDCI, 55 plate,also 80k on the clock.They are both in good nick,I would say the 1.8 is much better for power when overtaking etc,but the 1.6 seems to be economical,although it's my wife's car and I can't be sure with that.Any advice would be much appreciated.
1.8 Seems a better option if it was for me.
i would keep the 1.8 also
Thanks for your opinions guys,is there any particular reason you would keep the 1.8,or is it just the power?
The zetec is a slightly higher spec where as the lx is a very base model.

Also I believe the 1.6tdci engine has been known to have problems where as the engine in the 1.8tdci is a good solid engine.
If running costs are no problem, I personally would go for the 1.8. It is a higher trim level and has more power but still has the economy of a diesel. The only thing that put me off the 1.8tdci is the running costs (mainly the insurance), as the 1.8 is quite a bit more than the 1.6 for me.
The 1.8 will not have any issues of failing turbo or the DPF needing replacing.
It is a far more sturdy engine and will serve you better in the long run
Thanks for your feedback,does anyone know what the difference in fuel consumption is? Both cars currently only do short journeys,maybe 5-15 miles at a time,and we both drive around 250 miles per week,this will obviously change when we are down to 1 car,but it will be just more of the short journeys.
To be honest, with such short miles, it may be worth looking into getting rid of both, and buying a petrol. It may be cheaper in the long run, as diesels are most economical on longer journeys. Something like the 1.6 petrol will give you a bit of power while not drinking too much petrol. If you're trading in two cars, you can probably get a much better petrol (higher spec, lower miles, newer, or a combination of the three) with still some money left over.

It might work out more expensive, but it's something to consider at least.
Downside to low miles on a petrol is fuel , off a mk2.5 ,1.6 petrol short trips all the time i was getting 32mpg.
On my mk3 ecoboost im now down to 29.4 :o

So for me diesel and petrol are bad :D . I could go electric , but wow that would be a large electric bill , but they don't tell you how much it costs to charge them damn things only that you don't add fuel !
[color=#0000ff][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]Save loads of cash, sell both cars and get the wife a tandem for Christmas. [/font][/size][/color] :D

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