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Full Version: Tdci Juddering/jerking Under Hard Acceleration Problem. Could It Be....
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I was wondering if anyone could help with this. I have searched on Google and found stuff similar, but nothing that exactly describes my issue. Some have been close, but answers have been spark plugs etc and being a diesel it doesn't have any.

My focus 1.8 TDCI has been bang on since I got it, no issues at all. Serviced correctly and any parts Ford saying it required I bought. I do about 6000 miles a year roughly in it.

One morning last week after finishing a nightshift though I started the car, it fired up fine, but 2 -3 seconds later it died. Started again without issue, then died. This continued 4 or 5 times and then it fired up and was fine. I decided it'd give it a little bit of a boot on the motorway and it was fine until in 4th gear at around 2.5k revs it started to jerk about like it was misfiring or being starved of fuel.

I gave it a proper test later on after catching some sleep and i noticed that throughout all the rev range it is perfectly fine if you accelerate at a reasonable speed. Once you put the foot to the floor however, it accelerates fine upto around 2.5k rev mark and then struggle again.

My theory is the fuel filter is clogged. I looked over all my receipts from Ford and its mentioned just about everything other than the fuel filter being replaced. Does this sound correct? My theory is that fuel is getting through, but when the engine starts drawing a lot more under hard acceleration, that a clogged fuel filter would be starving it from the required amount?

The car starts fine, no issues, the car idles perfectly, so I don't suspect its any injector issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You in advance.

Infact could it a faulty MAF?
start with the fuel filter mate, you might be suprised - get a genuine one though as some have been known to have issues with after market filters. its also very easy to get at and change on the 1.8tdci
Have you checked it for codes?

Have you had any joys in rectifying this problem?

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