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Full Version: Thankyou Ford Not
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Well ford service seem to take ages to accept a problem then when they try fixing one problem they create another 2 problems. It took 5 weeks to get them to order me a new headlamp due to condensation, finally today I had it replaced and guess what the new lamp is the same still have water droplets and now the passenger lamp which was fine has suddenly become an issue and also I have a scratch on my drivers wing right close to the new headlamp, so cheers ford for putting a downer on my Xmas.
those little bags of silica gel will sort that... had it on my old focus..

Not the scratch mind... thats a bit bad!
Bags of silica maybe if the car was out of warranty but its only 3 months old
get them told that's out of order
youll find its common when i was waiting on my service being done more than a few were having there car done same issues as you in the end the opened the light dried it out and resealed them i dont believe it solved the issue though and customers were told its normal
They can't use having water droplets in headlamp as being normal as like I said to them the first time round if the car was into it MOT period it could fail due to having excessive moisture in the lense. My first thought was have they actually changed it but looking under the bonnet you can see the nice fresh clean plastic compared to the left side which has dirty water marks on it, but then thinking it dont take much if they taken the unit out to just clean it all up. A visit to them on the 28th will be in order and may even ask to see the old unit as that would not have been sent back to ford yet coz of christmas
Old lamp
New lamp
What happens when people don't take pride in there work
Should be taking car in next Monday so they can work out if its gotta go to there body shop to have the chip repaired. Had to really lay into the service manager to get this far as they were looking for excuses to get out of it.

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