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Full Version: Crankshaft Sensor Replacement..hows It Done ?
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Has anyone replaced the crankshaft sensor in frord ka 1.3 53 reg (newer Duratec engine) ?
If so what is easiest way to do it ? Ive shone my torch at it from every direction trying to work out how to get at it. I believe its sitting just above the starter motor on front of engine. Do I need to remove starter motor or remove bumper ? :wub:
should be able to get at it without removing anything

look here
Hi delboy, Yes i seen that page earlier but it doesnt look anything like my ford ka engine. I can only see the wires leading to my sensor if I look downwards at an angle into front of the engine. Im struggling to work out how to get at it. Hopefully someone on here has done this before and can show me how its done.
i think its a case of doing it by feel rather that looking at it if you know what i mean

put on axel standsor ramps then get a friend to guide you to the part whilst your under the car if you need to be under the car that is.
if you have to remove the startor motor thats an easy coupl of bolts so maybe the best option
have a new sensor ready to fit m8 as you dont want to be doing same job twice.
its a on bolt fitting it the sensor so not too bad
Hi Del, I gave it a go and removed the starter but still had limited access to the sensor. To be fair Its probably not the best job to attempt lying on the driveway in wind and rain. Strange thing is once I put it all back togather the car started. Im guessing wiggling the sensor wires must have helped. I drove it straight to my mate at local garage to get him to fit it for me. He put it up onto the ramps and got to same stage as me.He then tried for at least 15 mins to get at sensor before giving up and putting on hold until morning. I bet he will be checking forums tonight :D Has anyone found an easier way to get at it ?
sounds like a dodgy connector. they tend to corrode due to the position of them. if poss get another connector & fit that.
i understand about getting under the car when it peeing down as i got to do my boys punto sport as it needs a new wishbone doing soon
as i done one side but it has not stopped raining to get out & do the dam thing.
keep us posted on how you get on m8

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