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Full Version: Check Engine Light
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Popped down tesco a few hours ago with the Missus, car drove down fine as normal.

On the way back though, I noticed the check engine light had stayed on. Car still drove perfectly normal though.

Pulled up on the drive, turned the car off and started it again a few times but the light still stayed on.

Went back out just now, tried to put it into diagnostic mode using the trip computer like I have done before, but for some reason now it won't work an I can't put it into diagnostic mode.

But on starting the car holding the trip computer button in, the check engine light has now gone back off and all seems normal again.

Car has recently been serviced a month ago and fully checked over by a trusted mechanic prior to MOT and also not too long ago had a can of bg44k flushed through the pipes.

Anybody have any ideas what could be up? Glow plug related?
[quote name='Brigante' timestamp='1356889891' post='223461']
Anybody have any ideas what could be up? Glow plug related?
Not on a petrol mate
I know mate just realised what i'd said after i said it lol

And scratch that about the diagnostic not working, got it working now.

No fault codes though, just D900 which was there ages ago and I knpw ain't a proper fault code.

Need to get meself an elm cable.

The dash check was probably suspended until the warning light was reset.

Any ideas what could of made the light come on?
Oil pressure drop, fuel pressure drop + many other things.

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