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Full Version: Quick Wipe Fault
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Whilst enjoying (not really) a drive in the rain as I parked I accidentally flicked the quick wipe which juddered and stooped 1/4 way on the screen if I use it again does the same till eventually its back in the home/park position. If I'm sad enough I can start it all again.

Interestingly it works fine when used normally no juddering or stopping randomly at all which chucks my theory of a wiper linkage fault ?

Do you think my wipers have had enough of being used on quick wipe or a non focus physcological fault ?

..forgot to add on wash wipe its fine aswell.
I'd get the intermittent relay checked.
How do stoney :)

I'll dig the haynes manual out, guessing this lives behind the glove box.

I guess time to google test a relay hehe.
To test a relay you apply 12v across the two low voltage pins and should hear the relay click.
If you don't then the relay is shot.
if the terminals are numbered, 85 and 86 are the trigger or coil.
Thanks stoney and stef, I will give it a go. I have a 12v supply hiding somewhere.

Hi, sounds like they are going into the service position..
I had this exact same fault. It was burned contacts in the relay. See [url=""]this thread[/url], in particular the last entry.
mjt I will have a read of that now.

with the extreme cold I have had no luck getting out there.

The fault is intermittant, my local garage said its common and that the park motor is knackering .. his exact works. He said change the linkage eh wall another quote.

I leave it as it is and check the relay first as the wipers still works as they should. Also ill have a read of the link mjt kindly gave.
Out of interest is this classed as an MOT fault ?
[quote name='mjt' timestamp='1357144737' post='223969']
I had this exact same fault. It was burned contacts in the relay. See [url=""]this thread[/url], in particular the last entry.

Very interesting read, looks like you've done battle with it.

I bet this is my problem as others have mentioned.

My concern us getting to this relay, is it hiding behind the glove box ?

How to you drop it down/access it ? please say a few screws and it drops in to view lol

Also where did you locate the relay for 5 sounds better than coughing up 24!

thanks again for your post its been very interesting and helpful. *thumbs up*
Andy H Dibley
Had this happen to me on my 08 Focus a few times, but always works normally 99% of the time so I don't worry about it.

What triggered it off last time was leaving the wipers on full speed and driving in traffic. They do that thing of stop wiping when I stopped, I then went to creep forward, they started to wipe, I braked and so did they!

It has also happened on the quick wipe setting. To make sure it wipes keep your finger held down on the stalk for the entire wipe.
Andy H Dibley
[quote name='soulman123' timestamp='1358343515' post='227343']
Out of interest is this classed as an MOT fault ?

Highly doubtful, at most I believe the inspector checks intermittent, normal speed and fast, add to that, the ability to clean the screen in a number of wipes.
Right I'm back :) dry weather and time off amen.

I've removed the relays and swapped r18 and r19 around as the back wipers parked home fine.

The problem is there's is no change rear parks fine, front doesnt so I gues these means my relays are fine ?

What could the fault be ?
If swapping the relays didn't produce a result I'd say wiper motor or wiring then.
Noooo good by easy relay fix. *sob*

Is the wiper motor hidden under the scuttle with the associated wiring ?

When changing the motor does the whole linkage have to come out.

Could it be the wiper switch itself at fault ?

Wowser its £102 for the motor from gsf £176 from ford, wonder why a motor is so much.

Popped in to ford parts the chap said the relay controls the park, I explained I swapped them and he said could be intermittant fault but the rear was faultless. Ordered the new wiper motor.

Thanks for the post Clive.
Found the Haynes in a box. Looks straight forward enough.

Parts comes in tomorrow, weather permitting this weekend ill have a go.

It only does it in quick wipe when you pull down and and when you push up. It's like it goes to sleep my like my energy saving lightbulbs at night when I need them to turn on!

Will post my results if this weekend's tropical forecast happens.

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