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Full Version: Focus Tit Mk2.5 Issues And Features Not Clear
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Hi all,

Owner of a focus tit for less than a week, can't find any useful info in the handbook wrt these Qs:

Do the indicator lights flash when locking and unlocking ?
Mine seem to but is there a possibility I have pressed the buttons on the remote too long and altered the function?
What's causing the message display 'bonnet open' even when the bonnet is firmly shut?
Why does the A/C button light up every time the ignition is on? Is there a way of preventing this annoying feature ?

Please help as my new car is now seemingly annoying and therefore becoming a bit of a let down, when it seemed so nice.


Indicators should flash on Locking as i remember.

Bonnet Open will be a failing Bonnet Switch probably , which in turn will set off your alarm

AC will only light up if you have the heater blower setting set to screen only , this is a standard feature , move the control away from screen only and it should not auto start the AC , failing that a faulty switch.
Right ac probably is due to you having the direction set to windscreen. ac will always operate when this is set to the windscreen. The bonnet issue will be a faulty latch switch. need a new latch :-( the locking bit if I recall correctly is due to when you double lock they flash but really not sure without seeing it.
haha looks like we posted at the same time. I didnt copy I promise lol
[quote name='Mondyghiax' timestamp='1357146056' post='223985']
haha looks like we posted at the same time. I didnt copy I promise lol

lol bad timing , done it myself a few times
Indicators flash for double locking, and also on unlock. Or they do on my Zetec S anyway.

Bonnet latch and AC i agree with the others!!
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[color=#0000ff][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]In general, the handbook is not a lot of use, it covers too many different models and never answers your question. Trial and error, and of course the forum is the best way to go.[/font][/size][/color]

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