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Full Version: Re-programming key fob
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Tried re-programming the fob, by putting the key in the ignigition and turning the key to 2, four times then hearing a noise then removing the fob and pressing a button then putting the key back in and turning the key to 2 again and off. But it is still not working, is there something i am doing wrong????

Nope procedure is correct. Are you hearing a chime after turning to position 2 then off 4 times? If not user programming of central locking has been disabled by Ford. If you are then you have a faulty keyfob my friend.
Yeah, I am hearing a noise, this is coming from inside the car. One of my mates said it should be coming from the engine, is this right??? Is it possible the key fob is fault and would it be best to buy a new one and programme that one???
If your hearing the chimes then your doing it right. Means you've got a faulty fob.
I am only hearing the chime after I do the turning of key to number 2 four times not after I do it once, I take it it is meant to chime after I do it once aswell???
Cheers, would you suggest to get another fob or try another battery???
No it chimes after the 4th off. If you havent recently replaced the battery it is a good place to start rather than spending 45 on a new fob.

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