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jimmy b
hello.. ive just joined tonight & im running a yellow mk 6 escort cabby .its a std 1.6 ..only mod is the 15"gti alloys..looking for any help re squeezing some extra ponies out the engine.& im .looking at a full stainless de cat exhaust system.. any ideas?? any help gladly accepted..harlow essex..
[color="#0000FF"][size="5"][font="Times New Roman"]Hi welcome[/font][/size][/color] :)
Welcome to the club
Hello, welcome along!

How many extra hp you looking for?
jimmy b
hello..thanks for the replys..ive been a bit busy at the moment what with work & the family etc..but its had a few runs down to dorset & surrey & its running fine..but ..ive just recently replaced the 2x rear wheel bearings,2x rear wheel drums rear brake shoes & front left cv power im not after much mabye 20/30 bhp....i was going to renew the cambelt,waterpump & the clutch for £300 as its got a bad judder in first..also the gear selector is a bit wishy this will need addressed first..but .i was toying with putting a 2l mondeo zetec silver top in..this seems a cheap & fuss free mod..or is it?? only running a small universal back box with a 3" pipe on it at the looks & sounds fine..£45 off e bay...i dont see the point of wasting time & money on my 1.6..or is it ?? what can be done with my 1.6 90 bhp zetec?? as a full system would cost around £400..i can pick up a mondeo lump for around £150 with 130 + bhp??..i suppose il need the ecu & wiring loom etc this would be linked to a full stainless exhaust inc the manifold with a full de cat etc....will i need to upgrade any suspension, braking or ,engine bits?? now running a set of 16" mondeo multispokes with winter 205 55 16 tyres ...but ive just bought a used set of black 17" multi spoke alloys..with 205 40 17 fulda tyres as im keeping with a yellow & black theme....this is as big as i want to go..any ideas on lowering it a few mm?? not after turbos or superchargers etc as its a daily driver..for work & the school runs looking at a max outlay of around £ its getting a full respray next year at £ this viable?? its got a std k& n at the the std one was toast..any help ideas .photos etc will be appereciated..any members running this car & set up locally..???
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We at the Mod team just want to say thank you for joining and we hope you enjoy reading and posting throughout the forums

Welcome Along!

A very good service, upgraded air filter and exhaust should help to give you a few more oomphs, and if you can afford it, look into the likes of a bluefin remap :)
Welcome to the Forum Jimmy.
jimmy b
to all the replys ..thank you..ive ditched my plans to upgrade my std 1.6 zetec cabby to a 2l mondeo zetec..ive a clutch,waterpump & cambelt to get done in march.. at £300...this includes a replacement windscreen & new seal..£100...& im getting it resprayed next march..£ like to keep my 1.6 zetec fitted at the mo..ive added a std k& n air filter..& a cheap universal back im probably looking at a full stainless exhaust from the manifold a de cat..but what can i do to the am i looking at a remap for the ecu,different cams,etc??any help would be great..cheers
ECU remap should get you up to 30 bhp more to be honest, a through pipe should be up to 10 or 15...

It depends how much juice you want out of it!

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