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Full Version: Odd Vibration/wobble
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Hello again guys, the time has come again to ask for your infinite wisdom and guidance in my quest for a sane mind...

Ok, so my car has developed a weird vibration, drives fine, no lights, everything normal except, when on tickover and stationary I can feel the car shaking more than it should. It is noticeable. My first thoughts were clutch and flywheel, but these have been changed and the car has done less than 2k miles since then. It doesn't get battered everywhere, and I used genuine parts for the job. Is there anything I'm missing here, if you sat in the car you'd know what I mean lol. No noises, just sit there and you can feel it move you around a little. I'm lost haha. Any suggestions welcome.
Me too - The first thing i thought of was the DMF (dual mass flywheel)

Other things to check are the auxiliary drive belt tensioner and the engine mounts are tight and in good condition (the rear g-box one is a favorite)

Uprated mounts (including subframe mounts) can sometimes cause more NVH or modifications to the suspension

A slight change in tickover speed can effect NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) which could change due to weather temprature etc, or a change elsewhere on the car (eg - remap / decat etc)
Now,,, the thought did cross my mind, the car has been remapped a few months back, but I'm almost sure it was fine after that, and it just started randomly at some point. The tickover thing I've tried, it remains if I pick up the revs slightly, wouldn't have thought mounts as I think I would be able to feel that while driving, will check though to be sure. I recently changed the alternator and had the aux belt off, so I could check around that area. All plausable suggestions, thanks :-)
the focus is designed so the ecu regulates the idle speed to reduce emissions at idle and keep them low if the car has been remapped and the fuelling has obviously changed it may be theres too much fuel going through at idle and so the ecu is lowering the idle more to compensate its a possibility since a remap was recently done the remap cant change how the car behaves
I might have thought that, but it was weeks after the remap that this started ? Done some digging today, and another possibility could be the crankshaft pulley, as this is designed to absorb vibrations and over time the rubber damper can perish, all seems to have started around the same time as the alternator change from memory, and this would tie in as I had the aux belt off. Might need to have a peek around at some point.
Ide definately not suspect the clutch or flywheel the ford ones are fairly good in honesty and its rarely them hopefully if you poo the belt off you may feel the movement also if you do a lot of short trips it may be it just needs a good run to burn the crap in the cat out
I do mainly short runs pal, but still pays for me to have a diesel, coz I get it very cheap lol. Shall take the belt off when I get chance and have a poke around, thanks m8.

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