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Full Version: Injector And Flywheel Problem
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Hi guys mondeo broke down before Christmas with the dreaded glow plug light, no limp mode just cut out completely, garage changed fuel pressure sensor with no effect tested injectors replaced one, now they are suggesting the flywheel is badly damaged and causing the injectors to try and balance the rough running (lumpy on tick over no smoke no prior running issues) due to the cost involved (2500 for both jobs)was jus after some advice if this is going to be the cure or things to come? Would be of great help.
find another garage! one who is a specialist in diesels, no point in changing every part under the bonnet to find the problem - which is what it sounds like they want to do.
[i]did the garage start with the basics like reading the codes, it could be anything from a sensor to injector problems,as suggested get to a garage who knows the tdci.[/i][i]check the crank sensor for iron filings this will tell you if there is a DMF problem.[/i]
Thanks guys they checked the codes can't remember what the codes were but was down to fuel pressure, they say they can't get a. True reading from the injectors bcoz the flywheel banging around so much
Have you considered the fuel filter?
Yep as far as I'm aware it was removed emptied and checked for debris. And replaced with new

alright guys sorry about the slow update been busy working (to pay off the huge bill) but the money ws spent 16000 miles later is still running sweet as a nut, it feels quicker more economical and doesnt sound like it was been run on nails so thanks very much for the help and advice, will post when anoher problem arises thanks ben

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