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Full Version: Smeary Windscreen
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I have an issue with my Ford Focus 2009 Petrol which is driving me round the bend!

In the last month whenever it rains and I use the wipers the screen smears badly. As soon as I stop the wipers it clears.

I have tried cleaning the screen and the wipers with glass cleaner and the cloth after cleaning the wipers was really black. However still smeary!

I've ordered some new blades from and hope this will sort it.

Has anyone else experienced this smearing which never seems to go?
The wipers are shot. Here's a tip though, don't wipe the blades too hard. Wiping them too hard takes the surface off and then it will smear even worse. The black you are talking about is most probably some of the rubber you've taken off the blades.
Neat screen wash or white spirit helps to remove grease from the wipers and a good going over of the screen with vinegar rich window cleaner works for me.
Half of the problem is auto car washes that squirt wax all over everything.
I bought glass cutter from Halford and new wipers off eBay, using these, I kept my windscreen very clear for 18 months or so, less than 15 quid in all!
second neat vinagar, and i use some newspaper also....... on both blades and screen...... each to there own way etc....
Same again vinegar and newspapers havent used glass cutter before maybe have to try that some time
i'm the same i use vinegar and clean the blades when i remember.
Here's a tip; do NOT use household glass cleaners like Windolene, they leave a film on the glass which [u]will[/u] smear. Best to use an alcohol based cleaner or a strong Fairy Liquid solution in warm water then, as others have said, a vinegar solution dried off with crumpled newspaper.

I've not come across glass 'cutters' either, are there any brands to look out for?
I just got Halford own brand and it worked a treat for me. Even used it on inside toe clean it.
[color=#0000ff][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]My tip for cleaning glass is mix to 2 teaspoons of baby shampoo to 1 ltr of water, (it also works wonders on the house windows). I also regularly take the wiper blades off and clean them with under a running tap with an old tooth brush and neat baby shampoo, this gets rid of the bits if grit from between the grooves on the wiper blades. [/font][/size][/color]
I presume ordinary malt vinegar I put on my fish and chips is suitable?
White vinegar is more preferred.
Just bought a cheap bottle of distilled white vinegar. Looking forward to a smear free screen when the wipers arrive!

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