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Full Version: Great Start To The New Year
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Had a great start to the new year driving to the airport when a lovely stone decided to have a fight with the edge of my windscreen and won resulting in a 6inch crack now moving nicely along the windscreen. Auto Glass are the boys everything sorted with one phone call and £75 excess. Has anyone had any mishaps lately that could have been without.
Almost bloody big stone just got deflected by the edge of the bonnet closest the driver side windscreen took a chunk out my paint heck of a thud it made
end of 2011 when we ahd the scoob, went past a gritter (40mph both travelling) well you can imagine the sound (ting ting ting ting) ended up with 7 minor chips on the screen, loads on bumper/bonnet and a chipped headlight....... reported to highway maintenance and all we got back was driver was doing his job!!!!!!!!!!
that's terrible what happened to you. i was so annoyed i have only had the car a matter of months the air in the car was a tad on the blue side when it happened as was likely your's when the gritter went past.
i dread gritters, if can i intend slow down as much as possible (less damage in theory) but the noise just gets repeated in your head. when you get to your destination you get out to see if there is any damaage, then you coss and curse lol. then out comes me paint man to toutch them up...... luckly the scoob, we had one of them window screen people at out local morrisons, did them all for 25 notes ( no reciept lol) but body shop was a different matter.....
its costly like just for the few seconds it takes for the gritter to past. its handy when you know a man who knows a man to get things sorted. my fiesta got bashed 2years ago and the person drove off right in the front arch went to the body shop and its was crazy money.spoke to a mate and it only cost a case of beer and the pot of paint,lol
Had a very close shave with a deer last Saturday. It just leaped in front of me from behind a hedge along a fairly fast country road. Its probably the first time in nearly two years I've had to brake with such force.

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