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Full Version: Focus 1.8Tdci Low Mpg And White Smoke On Start Up
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Dixie diesel
Any ideas anyone?car done 67k.also has intermittent "shiver" when idling..many thanks for looking
apparently a little white smoke on start up is common.. as for low mpg maybe a service?
Dixie diesel
Hi Martin,service done 3months ago when I bought it .when first starts misfires and splutters for about a minute on tick over...I'm not that gud with mechanical stuff so advice very welcome
when u hit the pedal hard does it clear? does it do it all the time on start up, or just cold etc... a little more info plz
Dixie diesel
Hi, just when it's cold..once u get going its fine and runs well apart from the occasional very slight misfire
from what ive just read could be the egr valve..... until it opens up.... what about the fuel filter when was that last done? any proof of service carried out?
a little air leak?
Dixie diesel
Service book was stamped..would egr valveshowup on diagnostic as booking in for this 2moro?think I'd best get fuel filter done at same to these forums so a bit slow... Up at 5 so off to bed now many thanks for your replies will check forum 2moro..nite for now and thank you again
egr will not show up, only if has been deleted/blanked so people say mine doesnt..... the fuel filter insert non gen cost max 25 notes.... let us know how it goes..
Dixie diesel
Ok will do.luckily my garage is very good and doesn't rip u off so will keep u up to date...many thanks again.have a good evening.
same to you also..... oh and thanks
Hello, how did the check up for your car go?
Dixie diesel
Thanks for asking about my car..I had the turbo pipe checked as apparently that can cause these problems and that's ok so ford are doing diagnostic on it on the it's just a case of wait and see....fingers crossed its not the injectors as I've been told cost is around 1000......when I get more info I'll post it for others to see...
Hi, it sounds like your engine is just cold and once your engine is warm everything is OK?

Try running half a tank of shell v-power if you are close to empty and see if you notice a difference?. The engine gets a lot quieter and smoother. What fuel do you normally run?
My 1.8 TDCi has exactly the same symptoms - lower MPG and white smoke on start up

It's done 83k and was last serviced at 75k (done at a Ford dealer, including fuel filter)

It had the same symptoms last winter too, and they disappeared as soon as it got warmer - no smoke and MPG was back to normal

Now that the same symptoms have come back again, I can be confident that its just the cold weather.

If I start the engine when it's warm I don't have these symptoms, so it's clearly just temperature related.

I'm certainly not worried about it.
Dixie diesel
Many thanks for your replies..unfortunately mine is now down to 30mpg and misfiring even more than ever!!!also now stops on me too........still misfires when warm too!.....normally I run esso fuel as no local shell garage.makes me wish I had kept my little Clio diesel...only had this car 3months and really starting to regret it........thanks again for the replies x x
Hi Sue,

That is disappointing to hear. I hope it is just a little gremlin... I find my 1.8 TDCI is thirsty on short runs but loves the motorway.

One thing with these is that the clutch is awful and it will stall (idle clip feature) if you don't time the clutch and fuel movements.

The 1.6 TDCI will happily idle away and then you can give it fuel. When I got mine the clutch was a little hard, had the brake fluid changed and it's like a different car.

[size=4]Please keep us posted and good luck![/size]

Try running half a tank of shell v-power if you are close to empty and see if you notice a difference?. The engine gets a lot quieter and smoother. What fuel do you normally run?

Maybe some BG244? My mum's diesel corsa was smoking on startup, engine light came on, struggling to start etc. Used a can of BG244 and it cleared up all the problems. I've heard of it doing wonders for injectors too. Its worth a try - its only £20. I also second shell v-power or redex, millers etc.
Hope your car recovers!
As minnis said, if you have the £20 to spare, use BG244, it is fantastic juice for the motor, it cleans up all the carbon deposits from everywhere the fuel travels and cleans up moist of the soot from wherever the exhaust gas strays to!

It adds more of the cars 'natural' power that came with the engine and may have been lost, to say more responsive after a good clean is an understatement.

As soon as I can spare the dosh I will be investing in a can or two!
Hello Sue, has your car been fixed?
Dixie diesel
Hi many thanks for remembering me.........had my car in for diagnostics, faults showed so they put some injectors off of another focus to see if there was a difference,, unfortunately no change there!!! Still misfires terribly on first start yesterday had my original injectors put back and seals redone...a wire was almost through on one of the injectors so that's been repaired but not the problem either.... Have bought some forte injector cleaner to put through but next step is to replace either the fuel filter or the car!!!!!ford garage have absolutely no idea what's causing the misfire so anythings worth a try at mo....such a shame asthe car is fantastic once it's warm...runs a dream and so responsive....takes on any boy racer!!!LOL...
Oh my, I hoped you'd have good news.

I think your engine is just cold and it's tight. My lumpy issue when it was cold started about 6 months after it was serviced (done by a Ford dealer before I owned it) but it only cleared after I had my local dealer service it and I know that they use shell oil and have done so for some years.

Seeing as your dealer has tried a different set of injectors I very much doubt they or the fuel system is at fault, I am surprised that they never changed your fuel filter when the injectors where changed but I guess they also don't think it's fuel related and neither do I but I am no mechanic!

When oil is cold it's thick, different brands all have different chemical makeups etc and I am thinking your engine has some resistance until the oil and water come up to operating temperature.

For me personally I do like the shell products just like how others rate fuel cleaners / additives based on their personal results. The 2 biggest changes I have noticed have been running shell oil and fuel.

I have read good things about the fuel cleaners and additives but have never tried them myself. I did have my local dealer flush my fuel system (I was curious) but I went and put 5 litres of petrol in a few days after the service by mistake so that definitely gave things a good clean. That's another story but because of this I now run shell fuel, if the other brands are dead cheap I will fill up but the power difference is noticeable! No change in fuel economy after my illegal system flush though!

Try idling for 3 mins before setting off, it's good for the turbo and engine as oil gets to circulate properly. You might enjoy the car again.

Sometimes you get these little gremlins, I am lucky I have cured mine. I do hope you get it fixed and not have to get rid of it! If possible find out what oil was used at the last service.
Hello there,
I have a tdci 1.8 focus,at 100000km the engine start to have same problems,white smoke at cold,rough engine ....
I had my car checked and told that injectors are the probleme have them changed but same problem persists .....after mounths of checking and furstration still no result untill:
I removed the INLET MANIFOLD(the one attached directly to the engine above the exhaust collector) after removing it and clean it the engine becomes like new no more smoke at cold,no more roughness end every thing is smooth back again.
before when i connected the car to a computerit shows that injectors flow is high but it just the engine way to compensate for lack of air in cylinders and wich explains the smoke due to unburned fuel,don't go and change injectors like i did.
The whole manifold should be removed and cleaned and also the entry of the engine sould be cleaned(have it done by qualified personal)
The probleme is dueto deposite created by the EGR valve wich i blanked totally.
Please spread the word.

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