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Full Version: Car Wrapping
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Anyone had there pride n joy wrapped? And if so what did you have done ie full wrap or partial? :) just a general question
I only wrapped a few pieces of my car, such as spoiler, front grille, mirror covers and fee interior bits with carbon wrap. What are you thinking of getting done mate?
Well I was thinking a full body wrap-matt black like the focus RS500. Ive seen another mk 6 fez with it done and it looks well nice. With my body kit on the car, mine would look even better
True mate, I love the Matt black colour I've seen it done on a few cars not Fords and looks the job. Would look sweet on your cat mate
It probably would look sweet on my CAT not sure my cat would like it though ;) haha what are the wraps like to keep clean?
The proper ones are vinyl mate so the are ok to keep clean but there are some dodgy brands out there that fade and things so make sure to get a goo brand
Have you got to wash them a certain way?
With a vinyl mate I wouldn't think so mate
Sounds good. How long do the wraps last for usually?
Don't know to be quite honest mate, I'd assume it'd all depend how u keep it clean, stone chips etc mate, sorry I couldn't be more help
nah its no problem mate. Hows things your end of the world anyway?
Ah things are ok mat, car in the hospital again unfortunately. I spend 3 hours washing her on Saturday and drove into town Sunday and the CV joint on the Passeneger side popped, so waiting for confirmation today if I need a new CV or just the pin for it. Hows things with you mate?
Guys with vinyl wraps you can't use harsh chemicals or pressure washers as when the vinyl is on its been stretched over all the lumpy bumpy bits to fit onto the panels I would recommend a good old bucket and sponge or a wee spray of Avery graphics surface cleaner
As above!!

Grafiwrap by grafityp is a good vinyl!!
[quote name='k13r4n' timestamp='1358331011' post='227284']
a good old bucket and sponge or a wee spray of Avery graphics surface cleaner
Wee spray? I'd rather use water tbh. ;) :P
Sorry I'll shut up now.
Lack of sleep and too much No Fear.

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