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Full Version: Fiesta 56 - Rear Heated Windscreen Stopped Working
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[color=#282828][font=sans-serif]My Fiesta 56 plate (mk5) rear heated windscreen has suddenly stopped working. I have replaced the small fuse behind the glove box no change. The light comes on the button when pressed on the dash and something clicks (sound like from drivers side somewhere). Been looking at 'relays' not sure if this is correct or where I can find the rear windscreen heat relay anyway?[/font][/color]

[color=#282828][font=sans-serif]Obviously I know nothing about stuff like this, can anyone advise? Thanks[/font][/color]
I have removed your duplicate post for you.

the click you can hear is the relay. to fault find this any further you are going to need a multimeter to test continuity.
If the fuse and relay are ok, the next thing i would suspect is a bad earth
thanks, I have found the relays behind the glove compartment but this doesnt invlude rear wundow hear relay, it must be elsewhere (sounds like click nr drivers feet) but not even google or ford garage will tell me where this other bank of relays is? please help!
spelling mistake - 'rear window heat relay' !!!
The relay is integrated within the GEM, so not replaceable.
Hopefully the relay isn't your problem.
Personally I would suspect it going to be a broken wire where it goes between the body and the tailgate.
ok I have a multimeter and a very electrically minded friend where would we start testing and how can we expose the tailgate end of the wire, there is 2 rubber tubes going from the top of the roof to the tailgate, maybe loads of wires in them?
one of the flexible rubbers should have cables in it, the other probably just the rear wash water pipe.
The rubber ends should be easy to detach.
Good luck.

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