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Full Version: Mk2 1.8 Tdci Gearbox Mount (Top)
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Hi there,

I was driving down the road and suddenly i heard a clunk and the whole car began to shake. pulled up as early as i could. it sounded like an exhaust part had come off.

Called AA and had him inspect the exhaust. everything seemed fine. then he stuck his hand around under the airbox and battery and found that the gearbox mount had come loose and dropped off. this was strange as 90% of the thread was still there on the mount hole and the massive screw was also fine.

He managed to jack the car up and bolted the mount in again and seems alright so far, but he recommended i replace that part and limit my driving. Car seems fine so far, doesn't look like anything else has been damaged so far.

Does anyone know where i would be able to get the mount? Ford are quoting £80 for the part, and its gonna have to be ordered in. I've rang a few breakers and none of them have the part available. I stay in the Cheltenham area during the week and go back to East London on the weekends, id like to have the part replaced before i on the motorway journey back.

Thanks for any help.

Its the mount you can see in the middle of the screenshot. the bolt and connection to the chasis is right under the battery tray
like this?|Plat_Gen%3AMK+II&hash=item256e1ece5e
Yeah it looks very similar to that. Im not sure if the 1.6 version would fit mine, the breakers said the same thing
or this
the second one looks like the top half of the same mount. I should only need the bottom bit as thats where the thread had been worn
replace it all
[quote name='martyntdci' timestamp='1358191577' post='226744']
think the last 1 is yours ;-)

i cant see the link to your basket, do you have the part number or could you take a screenshot please
it was of a engine mount....... they dont do gearbox mounts
Hmm.. thanks for the help though.

does anyone know any good breaker yard / scrapyards i can call to enquire for the part? around the gloucestershire/birmingham area or around london

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