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Full Version: Mondeo Boot Relase
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hi i hope somone can help i own a 2ltr tdci five speed tiptronic zetec mk3 my problem whenever i crank the engine the boot releases by its self it does not do it all the time but since i am a taxi driver and it allways happens when im working can anyone point me in the right direction one other thing once lifted and then shut there are no problems it only happens when the the engine is cranked thanks for looking max
Think it's a problem with the boot switch mate, the little rubber pressure pad switch on the tailgate, yet another of those 'common faults'! I had this on mine and swapped the lock mechanism and switch both under warranty.

It's possible that the switch can be repaired by removing it and taking it apart, giving it a clean and making sure the metal pins aren't making permanent contact with the metal plate in the switch. Do you have a centre console boot release switch yeah? And is it working fine? And the keyfob release?

Some people I have read simply disconnected the switch on the tailgate. This stopped the random opening, and was also seen as an added security against the stories of people opening boots when cars are stopped at lights for example and having their boot contents swiped! The interior switch and the keyfob switch should still work fine when the tailgate switch is disconnected.

If you google 'Mondeo boot release problem' or similar you'll find a mountain of info on this.
Welcome along to the forum MaxTaxi, as per the message, I think this may be a better venue for your thread!
hi all thanks for your help will get the snips out and yes i do have a boot release in the car and on the key fob i do think its a very bad design fault on the mondeo when on the move the boot is always unlocked and no manual release ie by key once again many thanks max
No need for the snips just yet mate! Pop the interior boot plastics off, think there's 4 little screws covered with screw caps, then the rest are just pop clips. That will allow you to simply unplug the tailgate switch and take it for a test after that. If the random opening stops, and you're content leaving the tailgate switch disconnected then re-fit the plastic trim and job done.

Or you might want to pop the switch out, take it apart and give it clean and lube, and check the pins in it. Removing the tailgate handle might give you better access for this...think there are 6 x 10mm bolts which keep it on, but you'll see these no probs once you've the plastic off.

It's possible that as a result of pressing the switch over time the pins are touching, or even just almost touching, the switch and so making a connection at random times. You could bend these back to where they should be and this might also cure the problem. The switch is about £20 from Ford if I remember right, or you could chance a second hand one from MondeoSpares on ebay.

Failing all that there's still a chance that the solenoid in the latch mechanism itself is knackered, and if so a replacement would be needed at about £60-70 from the stealers!

I'm pretty sure I have my old switch lying at home, I'd be happy to send it to you but I doubt it would be any good! I can get the part number though and I'll check my comp now here to see if I've any photos of it dismantled to give you a clearer picture.

I used to be on TalkFord a lot when I had the Mondeo and there were a load of threads on there about this problem, and loads of pics too...but don't abandon us here!

PS Welcome to the site!
hi feet under the table thanks for all the info i think i will just disconect the switch as i would prefer the boot to be locked all the time and unlock it with either the dash mounted push switch or the key fob is feet under the table sioux or blackfoot.........max
to feet under the table thanks for all your help have now discernected the small black switch as of now the tailgate will only open on either the key fob or the push switch inside the car without your help i would be in no mans land once again thanks max
Is that me mate, 'feet under the table'? Haha, I know you're new to the site, so just a heads up that 'feet under the table' is just like a status of my account, based on the number of posts I've made, same way yours is 'Newbie', know what I mean?

My username is gforce, real name Gary as per my profile. Just a heads up as you'll come across a lot of 'feet under the table's on here and might think it's the same person giving out advice every time!

So has that stopped the random opening now then as well?

Glad you got it sorted anyway mate, and glad to be of assistance....that's what we're here for on the forum! ;)

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