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i have bought a mondeo estate just before xmas the old owner had a new gear box fitted but now when i try pull away the car ont drive it is biting as u can feel it trying to drive but then makes a horrible noise and wont move does anyone have any idea what it could be
Incorrectly aligned clutch is one suggestion, what type of noise is it? Grinding, growling, scraping?
it was driving but suddly stoped while it was driving its sound like a grinding noise asif the driveshaft isnt biting it wasnt trying to move or anythink so i replaced the passenger side driveshaft and its biting better but still not quite anough it pulls away if i try to realy slow but if i try and put abit more speed into it it slips i was wondering wether the drivers side has gone and when it was jacked up to fix the passenger side its like poped the drivers side bk in a bit as the speedo goes up and selects gears fine
Could well be, have you done any test to check that the clutch itself is good? put the handbrake on and tell us where the bite comes - and see if you can feel any slipping, if not, it does sound like it could be one of the shafts, but I know there are more guys here with more mechanical knowledge than I so I am sure someone will be able to help!
its got a good clutch its biting in normal place when it does bite thats why im thinking driveshaft but somone has also said it could be the master cylinder on the gear box what ever that is but for it to acualy bite and select gears perfectly is still making me think drive shaft as i said the passenger side has been replaced so only driver side left to replace
Andy H Dibley
How much of the mechanics of your car do you know? The only reason I ask is that you may have a better chance of pinpointing the location of this noise.

Firstly, the driveshafts pop out each side of the gearbox. For one of these to slip I imagine would take some going. They can break in half from torsional force, but I've never seen one slip. They are hardened at each end and have a multiple tooth spline cut into them that fits precisely into the female gear box.

The clutch has both a master and slave cylinder. These are reservoirs of hydraulic fluid, the master being the one your control with your foot pedal and the slave being at the end of a hydraulic line, pushes the clutch lever on the clutch. The Slave is most often changed at the same interval as the clutch, simply because it is easily accessed while down there.

Some tests for you.

Does the care move off in any forward gear? - If its only first that you get this noise or issue, it may narrow the problem down to the internal first gear.

Does the car move off in reverse? - If you still get the noise in all forward gears, and reverse, the problem is now either located in the clutch and flywheel, or in the differential, driveshafts / CV joints.

Can you replace the fault with the car off the ground? In the safest way possible, lift the car (Axle stands a must and have a clear area in front and behind the car) see if you can replicate the situation with no load on the wheels.
It does it in all gears but does try to pull away I can't do owtat the min with all the snow
Dont think it could be a drive shaft as there are four bearings on the end of them,usually one of the bearings collapses and the drive shaft will knock,even if all the bearings are shot I am 99% sure the joint is not able to spin in the cup.

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