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Full Version: New From Germany
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Mondeo CLX
Hey guys

my name is Jonas and i come frome Germany near hamburg. I own a 1994 Ford mondeo which has 186.000 kilometers. i try to write english as well as i can :)
Welcome Along Jonas, Hope you enjoy your stay and get to become a familiar face around here!

Have a look around the Mondeo Forums, and pop into the general chatting area's and get involved with the forum, were all a bunch of friendly people and hope we can help you out when you need it.

And for the record - your English seems to be better than many people I know!
Mondeo CLX
Thank you very much jeebowhite. Yeah i was always good at english in school but it is 3 years ago that i have the last english lesson :D But i think i will learn it when im here often.
Welcome to the club Jonas!
willkommen im Forum. :)
[color="#0000FF"][size="5"][font="Times New Roman"]Hi welcome[/font][/size][/color] :)
Mondeo CLX
Ey ein deutscher :D Thank you very much guys.
Maybe i will visit UK this year. My uncle lives in Dudley. He is working at Allied maxcut. maybe someone knows this company?
I'm afraid my German is far worse than your English.
I only learned it for one term at school many years ago.
I can tell you where a chair is in relation to a table with great confidence but that's about the limit :D
Mondeo CLX
what does the last sentence mean?
Der Stuhl ist hinter dem Tisch

das ist das Ausma▀ meiner deutschen

Ich betrogen mit einer ▄bersetzung Programm, das ich bei der Arbeit verwenden

Mondeo CLX
i don´t know what you mean :D I never heard this before. maybe i will come to UK this year to visit my uncle in Dudley
Mondeo CLX
How can i upload photos of my Mondeo
Many people use photobucket.
You can upload photographs there and use the links from each picture to post them to your messages.
Mondeo CLX
i want the photos in the gallery in my profile
Hello mate, Welcome along!

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