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Full Version: Temperature Gauge Not Moving.
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Hi all.
i'm new to the forum just like to say hello.
i have a focus 1.6 tdci which has just been in for the thermostat replaced as i had no heating in the car.
he also said the cables from the switch needed to be changed which are getting done at a later date.
my question is before the car went it the temp gauge was working but now after the new stat it dosen't move at all.
is it something to do with the new stat or would you say a problem with the coolant sensor which i think is also connected to the stat.
Thanks simon
Unplug the temperature gauge wire at the sending unit, most likely located on the engine,Ground the temperature gauge wire to the engine using a extra piece of wire (if its not long enough), then get somebody to Turn the ignition on but don’t start the engine, then watch the temperature gauge, If the gauge now reads Hot then its your sender unit thats at fault......
Is the sender unit on the thermostat.
If not can you point me in the right direction.
Thanks simon
Is it the one that is connected to the thermostat.
Went back to the garage and swapped the new one for the old one and still no joy.
Could it be the new thermostat thats at fualt or just another sender unit/sensor.
Thanks simon
Could always be the thermostat to be honest, but it could lie elsewhere.

I would reiterate Martyn's point, try his test first, then let us know the results.

Also, stick your car into self diagnostics mode, and see how that goes, does the gauge sweep work correctly, and are there any codes stored?
Did the sweep test and all dials worked fine.
Showed the temperature of the engine and all looked fine.
Got call from garage this morning and he's got tye cable for the heater and also said got an diagnostic bloke or something in next Tuesday to have a look so just dropped it of and fingers crossed wont be picking it back up till it's fixed.
Will keep you posted on the out come.
Update on the car
Had a call from the garage and the cable has been fitted with alot of nice word being said.
He said it was a right pain to do.
Ended up replacing the thermostat that he already replaced as apparently it was a faulty one and all good heats up quick and everything but now new problem.
The electric fan now kicks in when it shouldn't. The only thing I can think of it's a dodgy sensor some where telling the fan it's to warm and needs cooling down.
Sounds like it might be an issue more with the thermostat housing, or perhaps the engine is heating up too much and the coolant isnt doing its job properly.

Get the coolant / antifreeze tested, a local kwik fit or similar may do this for free.
Well he said he is getting a ford technician in on Thursday as he couldn't find a problem.
Fingers crossed it won't be anything major and I'll get te car back asap.
Update on the car.
Got call this morning and car is all fixed.
Apparently why the electric fan was coming on is because it was in a kind of limp mode and needed a regen and thats why the fan kept kicking in.
Well picking it up tonight lets hope it is all fixed and sorted.
good to hear, question is... how much lighter is your wallet?
Well just drove it home and all is looking good.
Car warms up and temperature gauge it looking normal fingers crossed it stays that way.

As for the cost well not had the car long so the garage did it all for free under the warranty even though it has just run out so top marks to them for that.
refdt, glad you got it sorted, and double whammie getting all done under the warranty! be interesting to get an update from you in a week or so and see how its still going
Will keep you posted mate. Cheers

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