Hi all,

I posted this in an update to my previous thread regarding my wipers which stopped working, but I thought I have more luck starting a new thread for this particular query.

I have sourced the problem of the wipers not working - its the BSI ECU which has became water damaged.

I have found a salvaged ECU which is nearly the same Part Number. The question is, will it be suitable?

My part number is 7M5T - 14A073 - CE, the part I am being offered is 7M5T - 14A073 - CC.

Will this be OK, can it be re-programmed. My auto electrician has the software to fault find and reprogramme, or do I need to take this to a Ford garage for fitting and programming?

Any help is very much appreciated. I havent had my car for 3 weeks making travel to work a bit tricky and demanding!

Also, is the cause of this damage likely to be the pollen filter or the filter housing itself?

Thanks in advance