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Full Version: 2009 Ford Focus Titanium - Isofix?
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I am a newbie but already a Ford Kuga owner, now a Focus Titanium also - very happy with both cars.

The question i have is - does my 2009 Focus have ISOFIX? and if not, can it be retro fitted easily so that i can fit our existing child seat in the back?

Any help would be appreciated on this!!

Thanks, Tim
You would have to check under the seat if isofix fixing points are there. If not you can fit it yourself, isofix frame is about 15quid, fitted with two screws included in isofix kit.
I am pretty sure that all Fords from about 2004 onwards have them fitted by standard. Check your manual and that will confirm, or check the seat. Most the cars have a little sewn label stating "isofix" if there is one there (but not all!)
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I am pretty sure that all Fords from about 2004 onwards have them fitted by standard.

At least in case of focus this is not correct. All of them are prepared to be fitted with ISOFIX, but if ISOFIX kit was not fitted by dealer they do not have it. This is ISOFIX kit we are talking about:


In my case I found this kit in spare wheel well.

Anyway it is worth checking first, if it's not under the seat it cheap and easy to fit it.
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Thanks for the correction Pidu!
I have mk2.5 titanium assembled in Spain on july 2011 (maybe latest???) . There is no ISOFIX on it, and there are no holes where I can fix it with screws. My dealer wont sell kit to me, because I can't fit it without loosing warranty. What's going on then?
all fords are isofix prepared if you lift the rear seat cushion you should find 2 body coloured plugs that pop out exposing the isofix screw holes the kit comes with bracket and screws it does not invalidate youre warranty and you will have these
This is below seat. I don't know what stands for kit screws.
Isofix screw holes are hidden dipper under the back of the seat, you can not see them on these pictures. Push hard the bottom edge of the seat next to seatbelt clip towards back of the car and you should see the plug.

Take a look at this picture:


Sorry for the size, just found it on the internet as an example.

You do not have to remove back of the sit to fit isofix.
Thanks. True, holes are behind bottom border of back seat. They are covered with some rubber cap.

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